Making the decision to transition


I met a woman a couple of weeks ago who was ready to make the switch from Relaxed to Natural hair.  She had been burned (literally) from a bad perm application a few years ago and the arm pit length she had acquired over the years started falling out with a vengeance.  She went from one chemical to another.  A Jheri Curl.

“A jheri curl was a two-part application that consisted of a softener (often called a “rearranging cream”) to loosen the hair and a solution to set the curls. The rearranging cream used pungent chemicals, causing the naturally tight curls to loosen and hang. The loose hair was then set on perm rods and a chemical solution was then added to the hair to permanently curl it.”

Whatever her reasons for switching from one chemical to another, she is now ready to put all the chemicals aside and go natural.  I applaud her on her decision.  Going Natural is not easy nor is it a simple choice to make.  It’s a complete change from your ‘norm’ into a world unknown.  For too many of us Black women, it’s a road never traveled.  When we were first Natural our mothers were doing our hair, as well as making our hair choices, for us.  Being relaxed or having our hair straightened is all we knew.  Going Natural should never be taken lightly.

Now, I’m fully aware of how fashionable coily, kinky and curly hair is now but it’s easy to see who is really serious about this and who is trying the latest and the greatest.  Wanting to transition as opposed to doing a BC or Big Chop does not mean you don’t take going Naturally seriously.  It it a personal choice and there truly isn’t a right or wrong way between the two. 

I didn’t transition so most of my knowledge on it is from common sense, knowing my hair, reading up on the web or hearing others tell their woeful tales dealing with it.  With that last part I’m getting to the fact that it can be hard.  Too hard to do?  No, not what I’m saying.  Harder for the simple fact you will be dealing with two different textures and experience with only one.  Now, tell me THAT ain’t a challenge!  I guess that’s why many Black women who start out transitioning eventually give up and BC. 

I want to start discussing more ways to deal with transitioning.  I met two great Naturals at the meet-up last week.  One is the one I mentioned above and the other is already transitioning.  Both are serious about transitiong and following thier progress can only help others out there so expect some new posts on transitioning.  First hand accounts are always best!

So if you are still on the fence about going Natural, or if you’ve made the leap and just need encourgement or advice, stick around for some new posts discussing transititiong. 

Take Care Naturals,


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