Transitioning to Natural Hair While Going Gray

This is an issue I’m sure for quite a few Naturals this blog talks to.  I actually have an ex co-worker who was going through this so when I saw this article on I had to share. 

We’re older, were busier, and we’re graying so why not get some help with it as well as going Natural?

“Going gray at the same time you’re transitioning to natural hair from chemical straighteners seems like a no-brainer. Both require a long grow out period, with multiple trims along the way to the final reveal. So what’s the catch?

Going Gray and Natural Can Be Stressful
A dual detox from relaxers and color to gray hair and natural texture is one of the most challenging transition journeys you can take. This is especially true for ultra-curly 3c, 4a and 4b textures. It is an adventure that will change the way you see yourself and the way you think others see you. Obstacles like dry hair, breakage, hair loss and more cause many women who start the journey to become discouraged and want to relax again. But chemical straighteners won’t help and can cause even more thinning, dryness and breakage.
Take heart, double transitioners! If your hair has had it with the double chemical whammy of color and relaxing, you can bring it to optimum health with these tips and make your double down transition a win-win.”

Click below for the rest of the articles filled with pointers to help:
Transitioning to Natural Hair While Going Gray

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