Trimming my Natural hair….what am I afraid of?


Yea, I am totally afraid of doing almost anything to my hair.  No, I’m not having any thinning edges or seeing gobs of hair falling out.  I don’t have thinning hair heredity problems nor am I using heat, or coloring sooooo why the hesitation to get a trim? 

Back in January, I did a post with my daughter getting a trim, Would you go to a Stylist who wasn’t BLACK? , from a really good friend of mine.  Nicole is Hispanic and I am so glad we found her.  I didn’t want to go to a traditional Black stylist (this is my observation)  that mostly dealt with relaxed hair.  My daughter and I were extremely happy with her results and I planned on going in the near future for my own trim.

I’ve never gone.  I’ve recently become an advocate of ‘No Heat’, but even before I made that decision I was making excuses not to go.  Why?  I really don’t wanna even straighten my hair anymore.   I don’t need nor care to see my straightened length and don’t see shrinkage as a problem, so having to straighten my hair to get a trim made me skittish.  I’ve even gone looking for alternative methods of trimming my hair and found a technique on to do yourself.  I had to remember that I wasn’t the hair guru back in the day when relaxed and not trying to start so the doing a trim myself idea got put on the shelf.

My sister just yesterday went to Nicole and got her hair trimmed and was happy with the results so what’s my hold-up?  It’s just me.  I’m worried of heat damage even though Nicole doesn’t straighten it bone straight and she uses natural oils on the hair and she’s not trying to cook the hair like some stylists I’ve gone to in the past.  She is merely getting it straight to trim it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  OK, OK, my very own words are starting to sink into this thick skull.

So, I’m texting her as soon as I finish this post to set up an appointment for the trim.  I will bring the camera for pics before, during and after the process and post about my experience first hand.  Wish me luck and don’t let my skittishness deter you from doing what is necessary.  I need a trim even if only once or twice a year so I’m gonna be a big girl, put on the big girl drawers and do it!!! 

Will someone hold my hand?  LOL


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