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Can a wash n go…go box braids?


Yes, I am seriously considering going back to box braids during the summer.  I may have mentioned in the past how much I LOVED them and wore them quite often over the years.  I specifically found  a pic with a girly wearing them long cause that’s how I wore ’em most of the time.  I actually met MP with ’em down my back and he liked me in them as well. 

I was still relaxed back then but I would wear the braids during a 6 or 7th month stint.  I would take them down when it was time to, but I would wash my hair and have them put in the very next day.  Not much moisturizing going on either but I wouldn’t perm the entire time I was doing this.  By the end of my stint (when I would start missing my relaxed hair) I would go back to the perm.  The up side was ALWAYS a ton of long hair after the stint and I was then a believer of my hair only growing (and growing wildly fast) during my braided and unrelaxed times.

OK, I’ve said a mouthful but I think a real big chunk of Sabrina was just shared with you.  A big chuck of ignorance but there’s no need in lying to you.  Who will I be helping by lying about my past?  Not you and certainly not helping the ‘seriously thinking about going Natural’ woman who may be reading this post and my blog for the first time.  She may be totally relating to my honest account. 

Now back to the post and situation at hand.  Will an avid, I mean TRULY avid Wash n go Natural go box braids and be happy?  It may not seem like a serious question to ask but I’ve never tired of doing the wash n go.  I am happy and love it.  I just started using the ShamWow towel so even the problem with dripping hair after the wash n go may no longer be an issue.  (I’ll discuss this in a later post)

I love the ease, the freedom, the wetting my hair almost daily with the wash n go.  I’ve been doing this for 2 1/2 years STRAIGHT.  Can I incorporate my normal routine with box braids?  I think I can since I loved wetting my braids, especially during the summer months.  I’m assuming I won’t need to co-wash…or will I?  Will I have to use braid spray like I did during the past?  Will I have to research Natural braid sprays?  I won’t be using human hair since it’s so damn expensive and harder to deal with.  I see a new project starting…


So, I’ll be doing some research on what hair to purchase, who to have put them in, who to maintain, and when to do it.  I guess the only issue I don’t have is what kind to get.  I’ve always loved the size of the pic above and having them lose at the ends but not curled.  I don’t want a lot of the hair loose like the pic to the bottom but I’ve worn them before.  I really just want to go ‘Sabrina old school’ and that would be really similar to the pic above. 

I’d love some suggestions or some accounts of going back to braids from anyone out there listening.  I would hate to do this and absolutely HATE it and waste money by taking them out in two days or even two weeks later.  I’m sure I went through this the first time I got the braids but who can remember that far back?  I was wearing them before I had my daughter and she’s 16!  Yea, I meant it when I said ‘Sabrina old school’. 

I’ll start by going to the hair shop or quite a few and checking the hair out.  I might even check some braid sites out as well.  I don’t want this to be an expensive endeavor since money is tight and if I find out the price for all of this now is too high…this will all be squashed.  I’ve got to keep MP happy and MP doesn’t like spending a lot of money.  We’re polar opposites but in our case opposites really do attract, fall in love and make a life together.  Gotta keep hubby happy too. 

Keep you Naturals all posted!!!


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  1. April 12, 2011 / 3:39 pm

    Hey Sabrina,

    I think the only potentially scary thing (for me) about box braids is what they can do to edges. Between the tightness of the braid and the weight of the hair (if you add extensions) can put too much pressure and pulling at the hairline. The other issue may be that one may not be as diligent in her care regimen with the hair out of sight and out of mind. With that said, allowing the hair to just be . . . undisturbed is always a good thing as long as you manage the other issues I mentioned above. I was never a big braid wearer . . . cornrow, yes as a child and braids all the time . . . but not the extension thing. I've only done that twice in my life. And during my entire two year transition, I managed to ride it out without them. So, go for it . . . rest is good as long as you continue to care for your hair in the process and you don't miss your WNGs too much!

  2. April 13, 2011 / 9:08 pm

    Yea, I'm worried about finding someone who will put them in but not making them too tight. I'm also very skittish about doing ANYTHING that may potentially be damaging to my hair now that I've learned so much. Knowledge is power, but it's also scary! I don't want my edges thining!!

    Not sure what to do!

  3. January 3, 2012 / 1:38 am

    Well, almost a year later and I'm certain I'll be sporting them summer 2012!!