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BV – Gabrielle Union Rocks Her Natural Hair (Really??)

I apologize.  The article from BV had a typo so I was unaware Gabrelle is relaxer free.  My point does stay the same since I’ve heard some people say as well as read articles where some women are calling weaveless hair Natural.  Sorry for the misinformation.



Gabrielle Union is an actress admired for both her talent and beauty. She’s rocked a number of hairstyles throughout her career and worn several different weaves to add length and volume to her natural hair. But now she’s going bold, and proudly showing off a weave-less look. Her latest twitter pics show her hair sans relaxer or weave. And though still bone-straight, Union’s shoulder length tresses are all her own.


 As a Natural haired woman I find this seemingly innocent article in Black Voices as misleading and praising a celebrity for an untruth.  I see they are proud to show just how long Gabrielle’s tresses are (as if we should be so happy to see a Black woman with long hair) but they are touting it’s her NATURAL hair.  OK, OK, OK….(shaking my head frowning)

I’m finding the word ‘Natural’ is being thrown around a little too freely with some of the Black women and I’m hearing it being used when a woman is not wearing a weave.  That implies a couple of things:

  •  The Majority of Black women wear weaves so to see a Black woman without one is shocking and causes for pridefullness when not wearing a weave;

  • The term ‘Natural’ applies to anything that is not fake.

Now, the latter could be true in the actual definition of the word, but I think it’s been mentioned enough times to be associated with ‘non-chemically’ altered hair on a Black woman.  Ultimately Natural haired Black women (or non-chemically altered Black women) cannot own that title.  Let me say this and make you understand this.  I don’t want people saying we own rights to that word. 


Black women with non-chemical altered hair take quite pride in using the term ‘Natural’ since there are millions of Black women with chemicals in their hair.  It’s a distinction and a necessary one when perms have been such a staple in our hair history. 

The first point is not like the second point.  There is not a majority of Black women sporting weaves.  Yes, there are tons and yes it’s become pretty acceptable over the past few years but to be so proud and excited to see a Black woman with some length to her tresses is ridiculous!  It insinuates Black women cannot grow long hair!  Is that the message we REALLY want to send to the media?  I sure as hell don’t!

Black women have a hard time with growing their hair long by not properly taking care of the hair.  Chemicals harm the very delicate hair we have.  We’re too busy breaking it off to allow it to grow.  Now, there are plenty of Black women with long hair and have chemicals but not a majority by any stretch of the imagination.  The proper maintenance necessary when chemical are in our hair is tedious and can be expensive. This is probably a really good reason so many are not caring for their tresses as well as they should be.  

I’m hoping this trend stops abruptly.  I don’t find praise for chemically altered hair which happens to be long really the route we want to go.  If one is going to jump on the ‘Natural’ bandwagon, make sure the perm kit is not tucked snugly in your carry-on bag.



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  1. cgg
    April 28, 2011 / 4:03 am

    Hi, Sabrina! Maybe I'm misunderstanding your post, but it sounds like you're implying that Gabrielle Union isn't natural. If that's the case, her caption for this picture on Twitter was "No weave, no relaxer, no hot comb… " so I think she actually is natural. I think maybe her hair is just blown out in the picture. Just wanted to clear that up. But if that wasn't what you were implying, just disregard this! lol!

  2. April 28, 2011 / 4:59 am

    I only read this story on BV and I don't follow her on Twitter. That's good to hear. I have heard several stories of women calling themselves Natural when they don't have a weave in their hair but have a relaxer. I think Tyra Banks is one of them.

    There's a typo in the article so I didn't realize she's relaxer free. My bad!

  3. April 28, 2011 / 5:05 am

    Cgg, I forgot to add thank you for bringing that to my attention. I truly don't want to giave wrong information.

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