Ready for Spring?

Sorry for the amateur picture but it’s hard taking pictures of your own feet!  Yes, I got a pedicure over the weekend with my sister and daughter.  I don’t even wanna discuss how much it cost but as Spring approaches one must start the annual preparation for Sandal weather.  Are you ready for Spring?

I am!  I love warmer weather and love wearing sandals.  Because of this I gotta fit pedicures into the budget to combat the dry weather in Denver.  I see more women getting pedicures here than getting acrylic nails so I know I’m not the only one feeling a pedicure is a necessity.

There are other ‘Getting ready for Spring’ rituals but another important one is shaving.  Yes….it’s less necessary during the Winter months but during Spring or moving towards Springs requires pulling out the razor and shaving those legs!  I’ve heard many times that Black men love hairy legs.  Let me tell you….I AIN’T NEVER DATED ONE!!!  Shaved legs are smooth legs and smooth legs are sexy legs.  Case closed!

Because you have to work on keeping those legs and feet pretty I wear socks at home.  No walking on the floor barefoot.  I even slather my feet with thick cream at night.  I usually use Vaseoline Cocoa Butter Extra Care Cream before I put my socks on at night for bed.  I believe it keeps the feet soft without spending a lot of money on more expensive brands.   I make sure I get the soft fluffy socks.  feels nicer on my feet.

Vaseline Deep Conditioning Body Lotion, Cocoa Butter-6.8 oz
Vaseoline Cocoa Butter

I also use a pumice stone in the shower with any foot scrubber cream when I think about it.  Usually a couple of times a week  to keep the ‘husk’ (that’s what I call it) off my heels!  Isn’t that the worst??  Don’t understand why some women walk around with sandals or mules on with the back of their feet crusty knowing others can see it?!? 

There are too many products out there nowadays to be embarrassing yourselves like that because women like me, (Shoe lovers who look at women’s feet to see what they are wearing) will notice and judge you.          

So….are you getting ready for Spring?  Hope so.  Let me know what your ‘Getting ready for Spring’  rituals are.  I’d love to add to my list or let you discuss them on the site.   Naturals wanna be beautiful in every way!                                      


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