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Brastrap for a Curly Puff

Afro puffs ( I call them curly puffs) are the cutest hairstyle to me.  I’ve always loved them and feel they can be so versatile.  Cute, elegant, funky looks can all be achieved with the curly puff.  I couldn’t wait until my TWA grew out so I could finally rock the Curly puff.

I had seen so many other sites discussing what can be used for a puff.  Either a pair of black pantyhose or a regular headband.  First of all, I couldn’t visualize how the hell a pair of pantyhose was supposed to do it.  If I can’t visualize it, then you can pretty much forget it.  I gotta be able to believe the process to be possible if you want me to do it. 

I couldn’t find a regular headband to work for me either.  Those adjustable one kept slipping or coming loose.  I was really frustrated and about to give up when I came across and her bra strap headband.  This is truly one of my favorite homemade, simple, cheap tricks!  I officially became a fan of when I came across this technique.

  • Right after I co wash my hair in the shower I apply my gel (Kinky Curly Curling Custard) and seal my ends with coconut oil.   I brush my hair upwards toward the center of my head on all four sides with my Denman D5 brush. ( I love that brush!) 
  • I apply Eco Styling gel to all four sides and brush again to get all the sides really smooth.

  I used coconut oil without rubbing it in my hands the last time so I may be altering this technique since the Let’s Jam! leaves my hair a little dry afterwards.

  • I adjust the bra strap just so it’s a little hard to get it over my head.  I hook it prior to putting it on.  Understand?  I do that since it’s usually just where I want it to stop on my head.  I slide it up to where I want it to be.  Remember, it’s stretches so you will be able to get it over your face.  You may have to figure out just where you want it, but I like a big puff. 
  • You can apply a scarf to the hairline to keep the hair smoothed down for about 15 minutes but this step is optional.  I don’t do this step and with the let’s Jam! it was laying down with no problems.

That’s it!  It’s a slight variation of Motown girl but you will probably change it according to what works best for you too.   She snaps it on after it’s on her hair and that caused me to mess it up so that’s why I do it my way.  I ALWAYS get serious compliments when I do the puff but since my hair is so dry at the end of the day, I rarely do it.  The Let’s Jam! gets me the ultra smooth look and waves up all pretty but when I did it with the coconut oil I didn’t have the dryness and it held up well.  It wasn’t as smooth but I may need to apply a scarf on it to keep it laying down. 

I love this style and will be using it more with the coconut oil.  Give it a try and play around with how you wanna wear it, and what products to use.  It can be dressed up or down but it’s simple and elegant.  Take a stab at it Naturals.  I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

Learning something new everyday Naturals,


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