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Banding – fighting shrinkage

Technique Tuesdays – A look into some old and new techniques used on Natural Hair.


Banding is a ‘shrink fighting’ natural hair technique.  No, I haven’t tried it even though I’ve hinted around to doing it in earlier posts.  I don’t fight my shrinkage but rather embrace it.  Had a disturbing discussion with hubby on the growth of my hair and had to pull on some of my strands to show him my length.  I guess since I know it’s long that I assumed everyone else did too.  I may be trying this in the near future to shut some folks up!

I digress.  What I would first like to mention is the loss of some of your texture by doing this method.  So, if you are more concerned with texture you may want to sit this one out or practice it on an evening or day you plan on hanging around the house so you can see if you like the results.

It’s best to wash/co-wash and deep condition as usual. 

Apply your leave in conditioner liberally and comb or brush out (carefully) your hair into the desired sections to band.   Medium sized sections are recommended. 

Place the initial bands closest to the roots.  PLEASE USE NON-METAL BANDS!!  Rubber bands aren’t good either. 

Some leave just that one band at the roots but just like the pic above you can place a few more bands down the length of the sectioned ponytail.  This allows the curls to stay in place. 

Air dry overnight but no direct heat should be applied.  I’m on a NO HEAT mission now.

Carefully remove bands and style accordingly.  Whenever I decide to do this style I’ll show off the results.  It sounds pretty easy and maybe a great way to deal with shrinkage without heat.  If you give it a try give me a holla and I’ll show your proud pics. 



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  1. March 9, 2011 / 4:59 am

    I'd be curious to see how you like banding. I tried it once and found that for me it was far more work than I was willing to put it for an outcome that didn't seem worth it. Of course, your results (and patience) will likely be different from mine. Besides, I'm like you, shrinkage really doesn't bother me. If I must elongate, I have found that I prefer braids (or cornrow) for stretching . . . For me, that's just easier. Can't wait to see your pictures and read your post after you try this.

  2. March 9, 2011 / 5:52 pm

    I'm kind of curious about how I will like it myself. I can't have my daughter around when I do the banding becuase we go out of our way in my house to make fun of one another. It's how we show affection. I know it's sick.

    I don't think I'll like it messing with my texture but we'll see. I'm gonna try and do it this weekend. Yea, we're alike cause I am not for the extra work!

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