What do I do with my hair NOW??

What do I do with my hair  NOW??

OK, you’ve  made it past the TWA, teeny weeny Afro, stage. (Longer than two inches) It was hard and it was painful for you.  It could have been painful for a few reasons. 
  • You don’t like your hair short. 
  • Your significant other doesn’t like it short. 
  • You are a minimalist and the idea of wearing the big earrings and accessories to look more feminine was a drag or not in the budget. 
  • Maybe wearing your hair short gave the impression to some that you were gay? 

Whatever.  None of those really matter anymore because your hair has grown and so has your self-confidence along with a little experience on how to style and take care of your tresses. 

Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m well aware of the thousands, if not millions of black women loving and keeping their tresses short.   This is mainly for the black women who’ve hung in there after the BC and now ready to move from the TWA to new styles. 

It’s kind of sad as you leave one unknown world just when you’ve mastered that TWA and gotten skeptical looks from friends and family to turn into looks of admiration and acceptance.  Most people who objected in the beginning have either jumped on the bandwagon of liking the new you are have gotten used to it.  Either way, it’s no longer an issue for most.

Now, you’re looking in the mirror excited and pumped seeing your tresses grow.  It’s great, amazing and a little frightening as you slowly realize you don’t have a clue on how to start styling it.  It’s been a little harder as the last few weeks have passed and it’s taking longer for you to style.  Well, my Natural Sisters…..say goodbye to the TWA and say hello to the ‘in-between’ stage!

In-between what?  Pretty much anything that’s considered a long style.  I’m currently stuck in that one myself…Hello!(me, waving) This was back in 2011 by the way. Yea, it was a minute before I realized my cute TWA wasn’t looking so great and my curls were too long to stand up like I was really getting used to and loving.  (Pic below)

What do I do with my hair  NOW??

Now, I’m talking about the Naturals who don’t wanna wear wigs, waves or braids while they are waiting for their tresses to grow to lengths easier to obtain styles. 

There are actually quite a few styles perfect for the  ‘in-between’ stage that will allow you to survive and quite fashionably I might add.

  1. Curly, coily, kinky puff.  Great style and so darned cute!  I use a bra strap (will show technique on Tuesday) and it works amazingly well once you have enough hair to push back even just a little.


    Fresh Braid Out Using Gel! - Brunette, 3c, Short hair styles, Kinky hair, Twist hairstyles, Readers, Female hairstyle picture
    (braid out)


  3. Headbands.  I used them during my TWA but some Naturals can’t due to hair being too short for one.  There are so many different and sexy as well as bold headbands out now.  I love getting mine from Whole Foods Market, Ulta, or even Target.


  5. Braid or Twist outsOK, I failed at my first twist out but don’t let my goofiness deter you from a great style that’s cute and funky.  The tresses are long enough for a braid or a twist and will look spiky and fun once you’ve upbraided or untwisted the hair.
  6. Wash and Go.  Yes, if you’re anything like me, you are stuck on this style.  I hang in there with the wash and go and allow the shrinkage to do it’s job.  Once it’s air dried I style accordingly.  It varies in what I end up with and I usually allow it to do it’s own thing.  I love wild and big hair so I finger comb a little once dry and keep it movin. 

Pretty much once you’re able to actually braid or twist the hair you are past the TWA and have more versatility.  Have fun but always remember to take care of and love your Natural hair. 

Take care Naturals,


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