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Shampoo. NO REPEAT!!


I’ve already discussed just how beneficial Co-washing is to a Natural.  Moisture is the name of the game as well as keeping the harsh chemicals and products away from our hair as much as possible!  I don’t think any Natural would disagree with me on that. 

I’ve also already discussed how bad the effects of Shampoo have on Natural hair but it it’s also necessary to properly cleanse the hair and scalp as well.  Pretty much a double edged sword.  Now, there are some Naturals who don’t use Shampoo at all and just co-wash, but I’m not a fan of that.  I do feel the need to use the shampoo weekly. 

Now, when I was one of those disillusioned Relaxed women (yea, I went there) I washed my hair weekly also.  Just like now when I’m a little too lazy I would stretch it to a week and a half or even two weeks before I would shampoo.  I used oils but not pure or virgin oils back then along with a host of other hair products for relaxed tresses.  I did stay away from heat as much as possible and wore magnetic rollers to bed to achieve curls.  Hardly ever used a curling iron.  I guess I was slowly on my way to Naturalness after all.

Once it was time to shampoo, I did always notice I had to shampoo once to get the cleanser in my hair.  I would rinse it out and do my ‘real’ wash with a second application of the shampoo.  I would really feel the suds and know the dirt, grime, pollution and gunk leave my hair.   I never gave it a thought since the shampoo bottle clearly says shampoo ‘and repeat’ on every bottle I’ve ever purchased. 

I had so many things going through my mind when I first went Natural that I wasn’t concerned with how many times I would need to shampoo.  I just expected to do the regular and required two washes.  I noticed right away that I got the suds on the first application as well as it felt CLEAN.  My hair was clean with one shampooing.  NO REPEAT?  No!  It was actually noticeable.   

I am using more natural products and very careful about using virgin oils.  I look at labels for the first three ingredients to see what’s primarily in them.  Listening to my hair is essential in getting it to shine, to stay moisturized, to stay happy.  Yea, it’s that real.

It may seem a very little observation and not even worth mentioning.  Consider all the harmful products and procedures our hair has endured.  Now that we love and treat our hair with respect, you know going Natural was the right choice.  Your beautiful hair will appreciate and love you for it!


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  1. May 2, 2011 / 3:59 am

    I never repeat!

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