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Pre-Wash Oil Treatment

Pre-Wash Oil Treatment

Shampoo, which is a cleansing agent used on hair, can be too harsh for Black hair.  It can strip the natural oils necessary to maintain healthy hair.  Nonetheless our hair does need this cleansing agent to cleanse away pollution, dirt, hair products.  Sounds like a losing battle but we’ve got a simple solution to get your hair clean AND keep those natural oils in our hair.

Pre-wash oil treatments are pretty much deep oil treatments prior to washing your hair with shampoo that keep the shampoo from stripping all the necessary oils from your hair. 

Suggested Oils:

These oils are high in saturated fat and will penetrate the hair shaft.  You want to COMPLETELY saturate the hair with your oil of choice and just make sure all strands of your hair is covered.  You may find dividing your hair into sections and applying the oil a good way to ensure all strands are covered.  Apply a plastic cap to keep the oil from dripping.

You can keep the oil in for at last an hour or even longer.  Overnight is also an option and over time you will find the proper duration for keeping it in your hair.  Everyone’s hair is different and we each must listen to our hair and know what it needs. 


Once you’ve decided to wash your hair detangling would be a good thing to do if you tend to have long detangling sessions.  I wouldn’t get too deep into it since detangling with conditioner is always best!  Wash and condition as usual.  You should immediately notice a difference in the softness in your hair as well as it’s durability.  That doesn’t mean you can be rough with your hair!  This just aids in nurturing your tresses and will help with growing your hair long since we must be kind to our hair and give it what it needs to stay healthy. 

 Remember, you can and should do this before every shampoo.  I’ll try and be disciplined and do it at least twice a month.  Hey, I know me!  I can get lazy sometimes.  I’m really late in the game since I’ve just started doing this so I’ll come back and discuss my long-term effects.  

Catch you next week with another technique for my Naturals.



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