Garrett Augustus Morgan, inventor of the first hair straightener.

Can’t discuss Black History on a Hair blog without discussing where most of us started.  Relaxers.

Hair Relaxers: Hair Discovers Lye


His name was Garrett Augustus Morgan and he was born the seventh of eleven children of former slaves. He is best known for his invention of the automatic traffic signal and gas mask. But it was around 1910 that he stumbled upon what would become his contribution to the hair care products industry and what would pave the way for several other entrepreneurs and manufacturers over the next hundred years.
While working in a sewing machine repair shop attempting to invent a new lubricating liquid for the machine needle, it is widely believed that Morgan wiped his hands on a wool cloth, returned the next day, found the woolly texture of the cloth had “smoothed out”, and set out to find how the liquid chemical had changed the texture as it had. He experimented on an Airedale dog, known for their curly textured hair, and the effect was successfully duplicated.
Morgan then tried his lubricating liquid invention on himself, called it a “hair refining cream”, and thus patented the first chemical hair straightener. He founded a personal grooming products company which included hair dying ointments, curved-tooth pressing combs, shampoo, hair pressing gloss, and the one that started it all: the “G.A. Morgan’s Hair Refiner Cream” (advertised to “Positively Straighten Hair in 15 Minutes”).
SOURCE: The Truth About Hair Relaxers


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  1. August 11, 2017 / 6:58 am

    I have never used a straight iron before so I cannot compare but I love this one! I have really fine hair that has been starting to get frizzy and curly on me so I thought I would try this. professional flat iron makes my hair super shiny and straight! LOVE IT!

  2. February 5, 2019 / 7:20 am

    awsome a black guy made it black lives help the world and they matter

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