Are there really that many Naturals?


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I can’t get on Tumblr for 30 seconds before I am bombarded with images of beautifully artistic poses and pictures of Natural haired women and men.  It’s amazing!  I mean, it’s overwhelmingly full of models as well as regular brown, black, red, women wearing big, full, kinky or coily or curly hair. 

Yea, I’ve got a Tumblr blog now and really enjoy posting all the wonderful pics of the most creative and dramatic Natural hairstyles.  The wilder the hair the better.  The bigger the hair the more I fall in love.  The shapeless, the blown out, the teased, and the crayola colored hair fills my eyes and mind with overflowing images and brings me to such happiness.

After a while I must come to reality and begin to wonder if all these styles are actually Natural as well as real hair at all?  Some of these have to be wigs right?  I mean, can there really be that many women with that big beautiful badass hair?  I know Denver ain’t got that many, but other cities may right??  After you’ve seen about the 100th big ass gorgeous Natural haired beauty you begin to wonder.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am truly not a hater.  I wanna believe that we’ve made this much of an impact on the black community and hitting the streets wearing the biggest, baddest hair and struttin with the pride of queens.  This is merely an observation of some of the pics I’ve seen and wonder if I have more Naturals out there than I knew. 

atural Hair Images  stunningnevertoobusytobebeautiful:

 Play the hand you are given and accessorize the outfit you got.

 Damn!  I’ve got hair envy!!red love

All I can say is that I’m loving all these lovely women with their gorgeous hair and the hair envy is spiking!  I am ready for big hair.  I’ve been experimenting with my hair this past weekend making my hair as big as it would allow.  Whether they are real or fake they’ve got me hooked on the big and the bad!  Can’t wait to do my thing too sweeties!  I’ll be there soon enough. 

Check out these pics as well as others at my Tumblr blog:


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