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Would you go to a Stylist who wasn’t BLACK?

Salon Avicenna

I’ve seen this question on many blogs, forums and articles.  As a former relaxed Black woman I only went to Black stylists.  I’ve never considered going to anyone who wasn’t Black and when I first went Natural I still felt that way.  I’ve since changed my way of thinking.

My daughter (above) is getting her hair flat ironed and trimmed at a salon owned and ran by Hispanic women.  Nicole, (the stylist) is one of my friends I met when we moved here to Denver, Colorado.  There isn’t a huge Black population here in Denver but there are quite a few Black owned salons.  We’ve actually gone to a few and my sister (before going Natural the summer of 2010) used to go to a Black stylist weekly. 

I’ve learned something extremely valuable within the past two years.  You don’t have to have a Black woman as your stylist. 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t go to just ANYBODY, and I’m not real sure I would go to a white stylist at all, but Hispanic women who deal with and specialize in curly hair….yea, I’ve on board with that!  The owner (Nicole’s mother) knew exactly how to deal with our hair.  Back when we first moved here I brought Megan to her and she told me how her hair would grow (out and then down by weight) what products to use and how to take care of it.  I didn’t have a clue what to do with her hair,  and I was still wearing wigs, weaves and braids so I wasn’t even doing my hair.  I didn’t heed her words and started taking Megan to a Black stylist whenever she wanted a flat iron.  I thought, what did that Hispanic woman know about Black hair?

Salon Avicenna

Well, I learned A LOT since then and soon realized that Hispanic woman knew a lot more than I gave her credit.  My sister’s stylist  was burning the hell out of Megan’s hair and you could literally smell the burning.  She had it bone straight.  I had her flat iron mine once (after I was properly taking care of my hair) for a trim and I couldn’t wait to get home and wash my hair and get rid of that burnt smell.  It took three washing before that burnt smell went away!  NOT KIDDING.  Three washings.  I was mortified.  I could smell the burnt smell on my pillow, my satin bonnet as well as my own hair.  My husband could smell it too.  How could that be any better than relaxing?  I stopped going to her.     

We went back to Nicole and Megan’s hair isn’t BONE STRAIGHT but why does it need to be?  It was straight, beautiful, blowing in the wind and NOT BURNT.  She blowdryed it with a brush, applied some natural oil (will get the name later) and flat ironed it.  It was gorgeous.  Megan loves it because it has volume unlike when we went to the Black stylist.  We’ve found our home when we wanna go to a salon.

I have nothing against Black stylist and I know there are some out there who can work with Natural hair.  I’m just saying I’ve found a Hispanic woman who knows what she’s doing and I’m not gonna pass her up JUST to find a Black one.  I’ve learned a valuable lesson and I just wanted to pass it on.  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  You could get burned…


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