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It may seem silly but let me tell ya….you would not BELIEVE how many women wanna actually touch your hair when you’re natural! Now, there are two types of women who feel the need to touch your hair:

Now this woman knows you are full of shit and have a wig, weave or you’ve put a texturizer in your hair.  She’s skeptical and you can practically see the scowl on her face as well as a disapproving smirk because she’s sure she’s right.  Now, that’s the one that may not even ask cause she wants to check for tracks before you can move away from her.  There’s a real good chance she’s ghetto as hell and weaved down to her ASS!!!

Now, this one is not really being mean but doesn’t know her damn boundaries.  She’s truly amazed or in love with your hair and has a swig of Hair Envy.  She may be contemplating going Natural and the thought of getting to actually feel it might solidify her decision but girlie needs to stick to the pictures on the web.

Either woman and/or scenario is not a reason to be going up in some one’s head ESPECIALLY if it’s a stranger!  I’ve allowed some women to touch my hair but I’ve KNOWN them all.  I am not letting a stranger touch my hair or touch me at all but you would be surprised at how many wanna do it.  Watch for the signs:

Looking at your hair too long
Lips twitching as she’s wondering if she can touch it
Hands moving a little too much
     and of course,
The heifer that sneaks up behind you too damn quickly

Depending on your mood and take on this sort of thing I say let them know in body language and verbally (if necessary) that touching your hair ain’t cool.  I’m really particular about what I put in my hair and I don’t know where that heifer’s hands have been.  If a stranger feels the need to rummage in your hair chances are she’s a little too free with her hands and who knows WHAT the hell she’s been fingering.

I’m just saying….


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