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Making those hair product dollars S T R E T C H


We’re living in dire times.  Our economy is in the toilet, we got a health care bill and then we don’t, unemployment is staggering and people are losing their homes.  All of this and we STILL gotta do our hair? 

Yea, we do, but there are two ways to deal with this problem:

Buy cheaper products that don’t work as well


Be smarter with how you use your products

I’ll be taking the second choice and I have a few tips that can allow you to do the same.  No, I’m no Suzy Ormon or Clark Howard.  I’m just a Natural who is fighting to make the same salary pay for higher food, higher utilities, and higher gas prices as well as a whole host of other bills that are steadily climbing. 

1.   Don’t do your hair on off days. 

Pretty simple advice, huh?  I don’t work on weekends so I do the two day hair or even three day hair instead of my usual wash and go.  I’ll splash a little water and some oil to rejuvenate my curls and keep it moving.  Now, if I’m going someplace special I will spruce it up but most of the time my weekends are filled with grocery shopping and cleaning the house.  Why do my hair for that?  You are using less product and making your stash last longer. 

2.   Be Creative

Throw on a cute hat.  Wrap your hair in a beautiful scarf (we’ve all got them around the house) Just like the number above, you will use less product.  If you do that at least one day out of the week, you will see a real difference in how long your stash hangs around.  There are so many accessories in your hair junk drawer that you can finally use if you put on that creative thinking cap.   There are tons of Natural hair blogs showing you how to do it.

3.   Use what you already have.

If you are anything like me, you have product that you’ve tried that just didn’t give you all you hoped.  Now, we’re not talking about stuff that was a serious bad purchase.  I’m talking about almost as good but not quite.  It’s sitting there so why not use it?  As long as you don’t look like a complete fool you might as well use and it get that bottle out of the house. 

4.   Use less (heavy handed Naturals)

I am a heavy handed Natural.  I have to think about how much I am scooping out when applying my product.  If I don’t I’ll be using twice as much.  Give it a try.  You may find you really don’t need as much as you apply. 

5.   Give a local product a try.

If you can only find your staple products online, you are most likely paying high prices for shipping!  You can always peruse the website to see if they have local retailers or you can do some research and find local stores carrying good alternatives.  Look….there are so many products out there for Natural hair now.   It’s not ten years ago.  We are a strong market and retailers are looking to get our dollars.  Might as well benefit by not paying for shipping.

6.   Try homemade ingredients

I’ve saved so much money by cleansing my face with the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM).  Now I know this is for my face but the same premise applies.  There are so many talented Naturals who have found ingenious ways to make their own hair products.  You can find them sharing their concoctions on Natural hair blogs and forums. 

These are just a few ways make your hair dollars stretch.  You won’t end up with a million dollars but you will end up with long term strategies that will aid in getting through tough financial times while STILL looking Naturally Gorgeous!

Stay beautiful Naturals,


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