Are you getting enough SLEEP??

SLEEP.  It’s a basic need.  Just as basic as eating and drinking.  Actually, just like food and water, if you don’t get it you can die.  Even in situations not as dire as death, a serious lack of sleep, (also known as Sleep Deprivation) while trying to operate machinery such as a car has shown a performance worse than an intoxicated person!

The levels or hours of sleep necessary during a person’s life change.  Infants need about 16 hours of sleep while teens only need about 9 hours.  Most adults need only 8 hours while some (such as myself) can function with as little as 5 hours and others (such as my sister) may need 10 hours. Women in general need BETTER sleep.  Actually, Doctors have found that women with poor sleeping habits may be more vulnerable to Heart Disease and Diabetes than man.

Now, to the main point of this post.  Sleep problems can lead to hair loss.  Sleep is the time for our bodies to repair and restore itself as well as keeping our bodies mentally and physically well.  

Our hair follicles can be adversely affected by the loss or lack of sleep.  They become sensitive when one doesn’t get enough sleep and can lead to hair loss.  Another problem arising from loss of sleep is stress.   In this toilet bowl of an economy, Stress is something most of us are feeling.  During stressful times hair can fall out more easily ESPECIALLY if there is a lot of hair manipulation. 

So basically, get your sleep!  I need to ‘UP’  my hours and I find myself using Tylenol PM way more often than I would like.  I’m sure stress is a factor for me but also, when everyone else is sleep in the house I find I have time for myself.  It’s almost too tempting to stay awake and watch what I want on TV or read, or play games on the computer.  I guess there are too many reasons for me to shut down my brain (yea, right!) and allow my body to regenerate itself.  My health and body will thank me.

Sabrina P.


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    Thanks! Just starting out but enjoying it so far.

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