Curly Girl Approved Products That Work For All Naturals

Finding Curly GIrl Approved Products is a challenge for most women going natural but it doesn't have to be. Check out list of what will work for every woman

Curly Girl Approved Products are a hot topic on Google but too often, naturals don’t realize these topics for for all of us! It may be difficult to find good tips with all the info that is out on the web now but I’m here to help you on which products and the types will be useful for most.  Look, there’s just too much information out here that will not relate to most but I’ve tweaked what was out here to find out exactly will work for most (if not all) and not have you wasting money on EVERYTHING.

15 Curly Girl Method Approved Products

Here’s a hot list of what most of us need to buy of the Curly Girl Approved Products lists we see all too often but actually aid in healthy hair care. Not every tip is for everybody, but even if you don’t use them now, know you may need to use them later.

Finding Curly GIrl Approved Products is a challenge for most women going natural but it doesn't have to be. Check out list of what will work for every woman

I have a new friend who went natural just a few months ago (yay!) and she wasn’t sure how to rock her hair initially. I gave her my tips but I also told her to hit up a local professional (she lives in New Orleans) for a great cut or trim and to get some tips that would work for her particular climate. Look, it’s super dry here and it’s super humid there so I wanted her to seek out a professional to get the deets that will aid her in her climate. A Natural hair stylist will know that along with feeling her hair, seeing the health of it and letting her know what she may need to do to keep it healthy.

A lot of the information on the web is generic and for specifics you may need a professional to help. A professional can also cut your hair into a great style or give you a much needed trim. Do your homework by looking up reviews on professionals like Google, IG, word of mouth and StyleSeat.


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There are thousands of products on the market for curly girls now and honestly, you can get bogged down by the reviews, testimonials, videos and posts.  Do you know how to find the right Curly Girl Approved Products that will work wonders for your hair? TRIAL AND ERROR. Sorry Dolls, but what works for your girly, co-worker, daughter and even mother may not work right for you! You can start with the most popular items and I ALWAYS love and suggest using Black-owned products like Oyin Handmade, Jane Carter Solutions and Kinky Curly.  Most if not all can be found in Target, Amazon or even Walgreen’s.

What I am saying is that, the right products are out there for you and your hair but factor in hair type, texture and density.  After that you must consider your age, the climate you live in and your diet and health. All of these will become a huge factor in the type of Curly Girl Approved Products for your hair.

Finding Curly GIrl Approved Products is a challenge for most women going natural but it doesn't have to be. Check out list of what will work for every woman

Direct heat (flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers) are just too harsh on curly hair and we need to use them sparingly and with a heat protective spray. If you must blow dry your hair, make sure to use a diffuser. Diffusers are becoming more popular with curly girls as they realize the dangers of heat.

10 Best Cowash Or Conditioner Wash For Natural Hair

Diffusers are blow dryer attachments that disperse its airflow over a large area. This design allows the attachment to aid in drying without disturbing the curl pattern or causing frizz. The benefits of using a diffuser includes: maximized shine, decreased frizz, enhanced curls, increased  volume, minimized heat exposure and, most importantly, hair that is dried quickly but gently.

I know you all love videos to get a better picture on what a technique requires so I’m sharing a diffuser video by Hermela Solomon. She’s got a looser curl texture and will be using a slightly different technique than a curly girl with a tighter texture. She has a ton of hair so watch her get serious volume and curl definition with her diffusing routine.

LiveNaturallyLove  shares a wonderful DEFINED Wash and go on 4C/4B Natural Hair with the aid of a diffuser. She uses a shingling routine and helps to dry her hair with her blow dryer and diffuser. Now, this is just one technique but a popular one and will get your hair dry quicker.

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Our curls, kinks and coils are delicate and need moisture to stay hydrated and frizz-free. That requires not stripping hair of all it’s natural oils and moisture by over-washing with harsh shampoos. Yes, we need to shampoo with a clarifying shampoo from time to time but more often than not, a simple co wash is all you need to properly cleanse your hair. I cowash most of the time and use a clarifying shampoo on the 3rd or 4th wash cycle. This keeps my moisture in and dirt out.

Finding Curly GIrl Approved Products is a challenge for most women going natural but it doesn't have to be. Check out list of what will work for every woman

If you are installing all of the other tips and not THIS one, you are doing your hair a huge disservice. How you care for your hair while you sleep is crucial to keeping it frizz-free and moisturized.  While you sleep, your hair can tangle, which promotes breakage. Cotton pillowcases also cause your hair to catch, twist, and break as you toss and turn throughout the night.


Satin or silk pillowcases have much finer textures that are smoother against the hair strands. Even if you sleep with a satin bonnet or cap, know that a a satin or silk pillowcase will ensure your hair is safe even if those bad boys slip off during sleep.

These tips are excellent for every textured curly girl looking for curly girl approved products so make sure to do them all and let me know below which ones you are already doing!  Give it a try Naturals!

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