DIY Foot Soaks & Scrubs For Summer-Ready Feet!

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Sandal season is upon us and as we delve into June, many of us are far from foot ready! Pedicures are needed but not everyone has pedicure money nor the time. I love a spa pedicure but often don’t want to pay the punch of the price nor have the time. You can go the DIY route but it takes more than applying pretty Essie nail polish for beautiful feet.  


A proper pedicure requires hard working foot soak to make those dry, tired feet soft and supple. You can buy one over the counter but I’ve found creating your own work better and at at a much better price. Check out five of the best foot soaks that will get your feet ready for summer and that pretty nail polish!

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There’s nothing sweeter than brown sugar and this sweet wonder is ideal for body scrubs! Not many realize it can be used just as easily for a foot scrub as the fine grains of the sugar help to exfoliate your feet while the oil locks in that much-needed moisture.

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup Olive oil

Mix into a wet paste before applying to your feet. Make sure to give each  area it’s just due and stay a tad bit longer on those rougher areas. Rinse well and your simple yet effective foot scrub should bring you softer and more beautiful feet!

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Sounds crazy, right? I know, I know but hear me out. Both rice water and parsley has been shown to improve blood circulation, which is vital for those of us who are sitting at a desk for hours at a time. Tea tree oil contains anti-fungal properties which ward off and prevent infections and harmful bacteria that cause athlete’s foot. If you’ve noticed a lot of spider veins popping up, then you may want to give the circulator a try. 

3 c. rice water
3 tbsp baking soda
2-3 drops Tea Tree Oil
Chopped Parsley (optional)

In order to obtain your rice water, I suggest boiling 6 c. water with 3 c. rice until the rice is fully cooked, and straining the water into your basin. Let the water cool to a desirable temperature and add the rest of your ingredients. Store the rice in the freezer for later use, or…use it for dinner that night!

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Sorry huns, no tequila in this one (although making a Mojito to sip as you sit isn’t a terrible idea). So, why lime and mint? Well, lime is well known for its fresh scent and cleansing properties. It is also said that lime is effective in cleansing the aura (who wouldn’t want that, right?)

2 c. Epsom salt
1/2 c. baking soda
Zest of 1 lime
3-4 drops of lime essential oil
3-4 drops of peppermint essential oil

Peppermint is soothing and fresh as well as relaxing and cooling, which is perfect for these hot summer days. This recipe is for a bulk amount, but you would typically use ½ c at a time. 

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Many of us need that caffeine perk in the morning. That very coffee that gives you so much energy and pleasure can do wonders on those feet too. The power of the coffee grounds will exfoliate along with smoothing those feet and with only one other ingredient (coconut oil) you have a easy to create foot scrub!

2-3 tbsp. Coffee grounds
equal parts brown sugar
1 tbsp. coconut oil

Mix into a wet paste well before simply applying to your feet. Rub for a few minutes before rinsing well and continuing on with your pedicure process. 

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We love detoxifying our bodies, skin and even hair but have you tried your feet? This amazing recipe using the power of clay, salt and ACV to soothe and soften those feet. 

½ c. Epsom salt
2 tbsp Bentonite Clay
1 tbsp ACV
10 drops essential oil of your choice (optional)

This actually requires a few steps that are different from traditional foot soaks. First, you will need to dissolve the Epsom salt in your basin with some hot water. Next, mix your Bentonite Clay with the acv, apply this mask to your feet (thin it out with a little water if necessary) and let it sit until it dries. By this time, your hot water should be cool enough to place your feet in. Let your feet soak for about 15 minutes and follow up by rinsing your feet with clean water and patting dry. 

Check out this super easy to make recipe for a exfoliating coffee scrub by NovaBeautyCo. I think I may be trying this out soon. 

Which soak will you be trying out? Leave your comments below!



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