How To Clean Makeup Brushes, Lipsticks & More

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When done expertly, make-up looks gorgeous!  Unfortunately, makeup, just like our skin needs a refresher to stay bacteria and dirt free. Just imagine if you only washed your face as often as you washed your makeup brushes? Now, that I’ve gotten your attention, stop looking up, how to clean makeup brushes and understand those makeup essentials are not the only ones that need to ensure they are bacteria and germ-free.


Everything you use can potentially become a breeding ground for germs and that’s why you should regularly clean them with soap, water or sanitizing wipes. Here’s a breakdown on what needs a good scrubbing, how to do it and how often to do it!


Start with the make-up bag – empty it out and clean it well with make-up remover wipes, inside and outside. Then move on to the brushes – if you take a good care of them, they will last for years. Wash them under warm water (not hot!) and gently apply a small amount of mild liquid soap or shampoo. Be careful not to soak the wooden handle, as this can easily loosen the glue and ruin the polish. Rinse well and squeeze the excess water out, then let the brushes dry on a clean towel for at least 8 hours.

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To clean your lipstick – an absolute must-have for every woman, leave it in the freezer overnight to kill all bacteria. Before using it, let it sit in room temperature for a few hours. A more powerful solution is to clean it with rubbing alcohol. Put some alcohol in a glass and hold the lipstick in for 30 seconds – this should be enough to disinfect it. Use a clean wipe to remove all alcohol residue and simply let it dry. 


You can also a little rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle – this way you can use it not only for the lipstick, but also for pencils and any powder cosmetics. First remove the top layer of the product and then spray it lightly with alcohol. For cleaning creamy palettes and eye shadows, take Q-tips and douse them in rubbing alcohol. Then carefully clean up the shadows, all the edges, as well as the container.

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Keeping the mascara can be little more challenging. First, remove all excess product very carefully from the wand with a paper towel. Next, let it sit in a hot water for a few minutes and clean it again with paper towels. Proceed with rubbing alcohol – pour some in a glass and leave the wand for a minute or two. Let it dry completely before placing it in the tube. 

Your eyelash curler is probably also stained with mascara that has built up over time. Simply clean its pads with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth. Do this every week to make sure your eyelashes are magnificent and spotless.  If you are not into the DIY thang, check out mascara cleansers like It Cosmetics Brush Love Skin Loving Makeup Brush Cleaner

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You should apply all make-up with brushes, that can be easily washed or with cotton pads, if possible. If you prefer sponges, on the other hand, you should wash them regularly, too. Use lukewarm water and a mild soap, then rinse well and let them dry for a few hours. Make-up spatulas are also a great option and are easy to clean – again with rubbing alcohol.  

To prevent germs from spreading over your cosmetics Sparkling Cleaning London  warns to stop applying them with sponges, or worse – with your fingers. Thousands of microbes are ling under the fingernails, whether you want to admit it or not. Again, f you not into the DIY method, try a commercial brand like SEPHORA COLLECTION The Natural: Citrus Brush Cleaner.


Maintaining a clean makeup bag is essential to your daily make-up routine. Cleaning on a daily or weekly basis not only guarantees healthy skin, but also keeps your makeup essentials in tip-top shape and allows them to last longer. 

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