How To Get The Perfect Shade Of Blond For Natural Hair

How To Get The Perfect Shade Of Blond For Natural Hair

Whether you are a fan or not, Naturals are rocking blond hair with some serious #blackgirlmagic. As the saying goes, Blonds have more fun but when a natural decides to go blond, she is doing more than changing her life. She’s changing her hair health! 

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Bleaching hair is the harshest treatment you can put your hair under and while millions of women dye their hair blonde every year, the concern on how it will affect your hair should always be present. The market is flooded with products to soften the blow of bleaching but curly girls already have delicate strands. Couple that with wanting to ensure we get blond and not yellow brassy hair and you see why some women are leery on going blonde in the first place. 

The market is trying to solve the problems of imperfect hair coloring. Whether you color your own hair or got to a salon, finding that right color, and getting it to show up on your own tresses is quite often one of the hardest accomplishments in beauty. We are at the mercy of the application, the product, and our hair! Even if you ended up with the optimal color, how can you effectively make it last? 

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There are hair color correctors that either try to remove the color you are not happy with or warm it up or tone it down. Sounds complicated and with all other colors on the color wheel it may seem feasible for browns and reds, but what about blonds? 

Blond hair is tricky. You want to be a bold blonde but not a brassy or yellow one so when it comes to finding a way to keep your blonde looking fab, it takes more than just regular products. As if blond hair is not light enough we are seeing some new products promoting ‘lightening’ blond hair and while that may seem scary, it actually just means giving your hair color a boost in the right direction. 

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We wanted to know more about these types of products like the Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo  which is specially-formulated to banish brassiness while brightening your blonde. TIGI shared that this shampoo is specially designed with a purple pigment that removes yellow tones and brassiness ensuring you’ll never have dull-colored hair. The technology in the formula contains Polyquatenium 10 that strengthens hair and removes static to leave it frizz-free. The formula also contains Amodimethicone [silicone] that adds smoothness and shine. 

“Clients with coloured blonde hair often go brassy as their colour service ages. This purple shampoo from Bed Head® helps maintain the neutral or cool tone they were given during their colour service, keeping their hair brilliant, and salon fresh – and it smells amazing!”- Christel Lundqvist, Global Technical Creative Director, TIGI®

Color lasts longer, the ugly side effects of brassiness or yellow is eliminated and there is more concern with brining hair back to its brilliance and less concern with fixing a problem. This shampoo is for the serial hair abusers who love their color but need some help keeping it in peak condition. There is even a TIGI Dumb Blonde Toning Protection Spray  that works at protecting hair from heat but also has the violet toners to fight the dreaded brassiness. 

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Sounds like a winning combination and a way for Naturals to give blonde a try. Any takers?




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