Why I Use A Modified Curly Girl Method

Why I Do A Modified Curly Girl Method

I love the curly girl method as it forever changed the way I see and care for my hair. I stumbled upon this method back in 2012 and officially started it January 2013. I never looked back since because this became an ideal method for me as I was a sufferer of dandruff and dry hair. Those both dissipated once I started it and immediately noticed a positive change in my hair.

I was following it to the letter for about a year and altered some aspects over time since my hair needed something different but it doesn’t mean I left the method. I love the CGM and subscribe to its core principles but I modified it to liking and have tweaked it to give me more freedom and a better wash & go.

My curls are too tight for scrunching!

I have tightly coiled hair. It is tighter than my sister’s and my daughter’s hair and I suffer from massive shrinkage as a result. My hair can be bra-strap length but coil up as tight as a TWA when I don’t elongate my curls. Annoying yes, a reason to give up rocking my wash & go? Not even a little bit! I love my freestyle method for my coils too much to give them up so I alter the method for maximum elongation without disturbing the curls too much. 

I don’t scrunch my hair when styling and I perform some light banding by placing my drying hair in a low ponytail until about 75% dry. This allows for some stretch without completely releasing my curls and keeps me from having a TWA.

My hair responds better to a combination of methods

My hair is tightly coiled and according to the method fractal or zigzag curls. I have tried the cleansing method for this curl type and found it simply was not working for me.  According to my curl type I should be do a pre-cleanse or applying my cleanser prior to wetting my hair. That just never worked out for me because my hair responded better to the cleansing method for Botticell/Corkscrew/Corkicelli curls which had me wetting the hair prior to adding any cleanser. 

After I cleanse my hair for the  Botticell/Corkscrew/Corkicelli curls,  I come back to the instructions for conditioning and styling for zigzag curls. Once I configured my own cleansing, my curls responded better to the combo method than anything else.


My hair sometimes loves silicones

I have a love/hate relationship with silicones (cones) and have resigned to ONLY using them from time to time. The method advises to steer clear of them altogether, but sometimes I like having massive movement and they give that too me. I also know that washing is imminent after using a product with silicones so I only use them when it is close to washday.

Sometimes I NEED a clarifying shampoo

When I use silicones I know I have to remove them properly through a cleanser that uses sulfates. The CGM pretty much forbids them but when I use certain ingredients or put off washday too long I have to incorporate a clarifying shampoo that fully removes all product build-up, dirt and oils.  

I noticed just as the method suggests that sulfate-shampoos are hard to remove from hair especially with my curl type so I rinse more than with a cleansing conditioner and make sure they’re gone. I can actually feel it still on my hair if I don’t rinse well enough or just try and wash extra dirty hair or silicone coated hair with a cowash.

I often refer back to the book whenever I see a problem and remind myself on what I was doing wrong that caused it. The method may not be for everybody but there is something in there for every curly girl even if you have to tweak it.

Do you follow the CGM to the letter? If not, what did you change?



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