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5 Soothing DIY Foot Soaks

5 Soothing DIY Foot Soaks

Sandal season may be over (or close to it) but caring for our feet so they stay soft and supple is a year-round job. Many of us like to splurge and treat ourselves to a trip to the nail salon each month to get that special pedi, but you don’t have to dish out $30 every time you want to get some spa treatment. 


As a matter of fact, there are a slew of recipes that you can use the next time you’re in need of a good foot bath. With that being said, here are 5 of the most soothing DIY foot soaks to keep in mind…
The Stress Reliever

1 c. sea salt
1 c. Epsom salt
2 c. Baking soda
12-15 drops of Essential oils (optional)

If you’re just looking to reduce a little stress and get your toes wet, here’s a really easy recipe featuring ingredients that you can find around the house! 

The Circulator

3 c. rice water
3 tbsp baking soda
2-3 drops Tea Tree Oil
Chopped Parsley (optional)

Sounds crazy, right? I know, I know but hear me out. Both rice water and parsley has been shown to improve blood circulation, which is vital for those of us who are sitting at a desk for hours at a time. Tea tree oil contains anti-fungal properties which ward off and prevent infections and harmful bacteria that cause athlete’s foot. If you’ve noticed a lot of spider veins popping up, then you may want to give the circulator a try. 


In order to obtain your rice water, I suggest boiling 6 c. water with 3 c. rice until the rice is fully cooked, and straining the water into your basin. Let the water cool to a desirable temperature and add the rest of your ingredients. Store the rice in the freezer for later use, or…use it for dinner that night!

The Mojito

2 c. Epsom salt
1/2 c. baking soda
Zest of 1 lime
3-4 drops of lime essential oil
3-4 drops of peppermint essential oil

Sorry ladies, no tequila in this one (although making a Mojito to sip as you sit isn’t a terrible idea). So, why lime and mint? Well, lime is well known for its fresh scent and cleansing properties. It is also said that lime is effective in cleansing the aura (who wouldn’t want that, right?). 

Peppermint is soothing and fresh as well as relaxing and cooling, which is perfect for these hot summer days. This recipe is for a bulk amount, but you would typically use ½ c at a time. 

The Relaxer

2-3 drops lavender essential oil
¼ c. Epsom salt

Lavender is known for its calming properties and soothing aroma, so why not use it for your foot soak? Frequently used to combat insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress, lavender  is the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) among the herb world. 


Aside from being an aromatherapy powerhouse, lavender has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties and can also be used for pain relief, muscle aches, and headaches/migraines.

The Detoxer 
½ c. Epsom salt
2 tbsp Bentonite Clay
1 tbsp ACV
10 drops essential oil of your choice (optional)

This actually requires a few steps that are different from traditional foot soaks. First, you will need to dissolve the Epsom salt in your basin with some hot water. Next, mix your bentonite clay with the acv, apply this mask to your feet (thin it out with a little water if necessary) and let it sit until it dries. By this time, your hot water should be cool enough to place your feet in. Let your feet soak for about 15 minutes and follow up by rinsing your feet with clean water and patting dry. 

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Which soak will you be trying out? Leave your comments below!


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