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Roller Set Fail | 5 Biggest Reasons Your Roller Set Suck

Your roller set sucks? You are probably doing it wrong. There are real techniques and tips and we've got the reasons yours are not hittin.

Roller set failing often…or always? Tired of your roller sets failing on your natural hair? I bet they were on point when you were relaxed but for some ungodly reason they suck something awful now, don’t they? Sorry to be adding to your pain but I understand and I even got you because everyone wants a flawless roller set that lasts.


Rollers sets are a staple for newly naturals who choose to transition but if your roller set is wickedly awful, then you need to fix the problem. Also, it has more to do with you just dealing with two textures no matter what you think. It’s your application on most occasions so let’s not resort to cutting it all off in haste.

Even fully natural naturals love roller sets but many steer clear because they are hard to achieve. If you find your roller set to be frizzy, not lasting, jacked up or dry then check out our list on why and how you can fix the problem.


Failure to Use a Hooded Dryer or Heating Cap for roller set

Like it or not, some hair textures will only hold a style with the assistance of heat. A hooded hair dryer or heating cap can go a long way to help expedite the drying process of hair while also helping hair to stretch and comfortably take shape.


Also, you must ensure that your hair is completely dry before removing those curlers! Unfortunately, many naturalistas grow impatient with the drying process and remove their rollers before the hair is dry. Hair that is wet will not hold a roller set and instead will revert back to its own natural state and be frizzy as hell. Yes, you can still air dry for a roller set but if air drying is no cutting it then opt for the heating cap or hooded dryer.

Your roller set sucks? You are probably doing it wrong. There are real techniques and tips and we've got the reasons yours are not hittin.

Excessive Manipulation Leads to Epic Roller Set Failures

Natural hair does not enjoy excessive manipulation. Just because you have decided to embark on a roller set does not mean that the rules change with styling your hair. Once you release those curls from the rollers, be careful to not excessively manipulate your hair with a brush or comb. Use your fingers to separate roller set curls to create volume but remember less is always more!

Also, hair should be styled with your fingers much like your twist-out or Bantu knot-out regimen so add a drop of oil like Argan oil to your finger tips when letting down rollers.

Click here to buy USDA Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Virgin for a smoother roller set.

Your Not As Smooth As You Think

Failure to fully detangle and smooth out the hair before applying to the roller is the biggest detriment to your roller set. You want slick, smooth hair that has no tangles or knots and it must be smooth when you lay it on that roller. Make sure those ends are slick against that roller, rod or perm rod too or you will have frizzy ends for days.


For some of us this may take some practice and time so make sure you are in for the time needed to do it right before you even start. Try a pre-poo before shampooing and use a moisturizing deep conditioner to get hair in the best shape possible. Detangle WELL! Hair should be saturated for the roller set and if hair dries before you roll it spritz with water.

Your roller set sucks? You are probably doing it wrong. There are real techniques and tips and we've got the reasons yours are not hittin.

Hair Was Not Fully Clean

I am not calling you dirty but if you attempted a roller set and washed hair with only a cowash you are probably heading for trouble. Hair needs to be completely free of product when attempting a flawless roller set. That just means a clarifying shampoo is the best way to ensure you have removed all product build-up, dirt and anything else that has been on your hair.

I love cowashing my hair but when attempting a new style I make sure nothing is going to get in it’s way so that means busting out the clarifying shampoo, doing a deep conditioning and even a tea rinse to get hair clean and properly moisturized.

Choosing the Best Roller for Your Hairstyle

Finally, understanding which roller or rod will work best for the hairstyle you are hoping to achieve is also important. Flexi-rods are great for length while perm rods will create volume. Foam rollers can also create volume while straw sets will offer coily curls with definition but by far the magnetic roller is still the favorite.


Get the right size to to ensure you have the curls you want and you can even mix rollers sizes and types to give you the curls you want in the desired spots. Even when working with two textures you can have awesome roller set if you take your time and work on the application.

Trial and error will be your biggest guide on what products to use for that flawless roller set. If all else fails straighten hair first and then do the roller set but know that it can be done on curly natural hair. You just need some patience coupled with the right know-how.

What products do you use for your best roller set?





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