No More 24 | Not All Parks Are Kid-Friendly

No More 24 | Not All Parks Are Kid-Friendly

Not all parks are created equal and unfortunately neither are how children are treated. A park like the one above is a heaven on earth to some children while a reality to others. The harsh reality for many children in Colorado is an unhealthy environment that has unsafe parks, unhealthy choices in grocery stores and a lack of push for physical activity from schools and at home.

Despite being touted as one of the healthiest states for adults, Colorado ranks 24th in the country for kids physical activity. The reality of a beautiful place for hiking, skiing, camping and biking seems to miss our children and this is a real problem that needs not only attention but change.

My childhood was very different from what my children are facing. They have more indoor activities but the lack of real exercise is creating an environment for childhood obesity. Even if children are thin, the lack of exercise and stimulation outside of video games can be damaging to them. There is a real world out here for them and we need to infuse engagement and a love for the outdoors.

No More 24 | Not All Parks Are Kid-Friendly

An even bigger problem stems from some sections in many cities within the state where there are not suitable parks, playgrounds and grocery stores with healthy options. Poverty-stricken neighborhoods affect many children that look like mine. Brown and black families (through no fault of their own) face obstacles due to their locale and socioeconomic status. Guess who suffers the most? The children and those children deserve much, much better.

The NoMore24 campaign aims to open the eyes of the people of Colorado on our own childhood obesity problems. Changes need to be made in poverty-stricken schools, homes and neighborhoods. Our kids need more than sympathy and concern. They need action and a community-wide effort to demand P.E. back in schools, safe bike and walking paths and new parks for all children within the state.

No child should have to worry about

Please sign the pledge No More 24 to end childhood obesity and inequality of healthy food options and parks to play in. It is time to put all kids first.

Are you in? Childhood obesity ends with you.



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