Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Check Out Justine Skye's Secret Weapon For Healthy Bleached Hair | Naturally News

Check Out Justine Skye's Secret Weapon For Healthy Bleached Hair

We love Justine Skye's purple tresses.  It's fun, funky and seems to be an exception to the rule that bleaching is damaging to hair. The natural diva who bleached her hair to become the self-proclaimed “Purple Unicorn” is finally giving up the deets on what she uses because this lovely has some seriously beautiful hair. 

Hair coloring (especially when bleach is involved) is very damaging to curly tresses and the naturally curly 21 year old singer and songwriter does suffer from dryness due to the bleaching. 

What's her secret?  Dark and Lovely’s Super Softening Hair Butter.  

Justine tells ESSENCE, “They also have a really good detangling co-wash. On the real, because you're dyeing your hair so much, it gets really damaged, so you just want to use a lot of products that help hydrate it, and keep it nice, and keep it moisturized. It gets really, really dry. My hair is super dry right now, but it's all for the look.”

Yes, she has youth on her side but bleach is damaging regardless of your age so this seems like a great tip! 

Has anyone tried this line and if so what do you think? Share below!

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Dark and Lovely’s Super Softening Hair Butter
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