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Diffusers For Curly Hair, We've Got The Best & Most Loved!

5 Best Diffusers for Curly Hair

Diffusers are a curly-on-the-go’s best friend. Not only do they help speed up drying curly and natural hair, but diffusers also adds volume without making the hair frizzy. While these attachments are widely popular among women with curly hair, natural women in the black community don’t use diffusers as much even though they could and they are great for our natural tresses. 


What is a Diffuser?
Diffusers are blow dryer attachments that disperse its airflow over a large area. This design allows the attachment to aid in drying without disturbing the curl pattern or causing frizz. One of the best things about diffusers is the fact that it adds volume and body, which is great for those of us with fine hair.

The benefits of using a diffuser includes: maximized shine, decreased frizz, enhanced curls, increased  volume, minimized heat exposure and, most importantly, hair that is dried quickly but gently.

How to Diffuse Curly Hair
You gotta also know HOW diffuse your hair properly because the object is not just to dry the hair but to gain as much volume and definition as possible. Here are videos on two different hair textures to give you some guidance as each hair type may require different techniques and even different dryers and/or attachments. 

Most who use these want to safely dry their hair and keep as much definition while hair is no longer wet. This is the reason why they opt for a diffuser and yes, all textures will benefit from them!

There are hundreds of diffusers on the market ranging anywhere from $5 to $120, but here are 5 of the best diffusers on the market for naturals/curly girls:

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser

This diffuser brags of the implementation of Nano titanium technology, allowing it to dry hair faster than other diffusers on the market. This diffuser features medium length “fingers” which aid in lifting and separating the hair so that the air can reach the bulk of the hair and also releases natural ions that seal the hair’s cuticle which helps to keep frizz at bay. 

According to reviews this diffuser dries in nearly a fraction of the time of other diffusers. Although it boasts to be “universal,” some customers have complained that it didn’t fit their dryer so make sure to check that out prior to purchase.

Collapsible Hair Diffuser by The Curly Co.
Collapsible Hair Diffuser by The Curly Co.
The collapsible diffuser is one of the more recent designs that have graced the beauty scene. It folds for easy storage, unlike its bulky counterparts, and also so you can take it along with you when you travel! The Curly Co. constructed this diffuser out of silicon which allows it to stretch and shrink to fit to your dryer. 


According to reviews, the flexibility gives this diffuser a unique advantage as it produces near-perfect curls with little-to-no frizz. However, it is strongly urged to not use this diffuser with very high heat, as it will begin to melt. It has also been stated that the silicon doesn’t stretch to fit dryers with particularly wide barrels. 

Xtava Black Orchid Large Diffuser Advanced Airflow
Xtava Black Orchid Large Diffuser Advanced Airflow

The Black Orchid is another unique design, featuring shorter fingers that are widely spaced. Xtava brags that its wide surface area allows more hair-to-heat contact, which shortens drying time and disperses the air evenly. The fingers are also designed with holes, which means that air is not only coming through the base but through the entire attachment. This diffuser is great for those who have long and or thick hair due to its design. 

According to reviews, this unique diffuser dries the scalp quickly and effectively and leaves the hair shiny and curls intact. This dryer is not universal, so it is important to know the dimensions of the barrel of your dryer before purchasing. 

Paul Mitchell ProTools Diffuser
Paul Mitchell Diffuser
This diffuser features a classic design complete with medium length fingers. Since the design is pretty conventional, there isn’t much that separates this diffuser apart from the rest aside from its drying power and snug barrel fit. 

According to reviews, the ProTools diffuser is of excellent quality, dries the hair quickly and doesn’t cause the hair to frizz. 

DevaCurl 'DevaFuser' Diffuser
DevaCurl 'DevaFuser' Diffuser

From the ever-popular DevaCurl company, the DevaFuser diffuser lends a “hand” to your diffusing woes. This innovative design features a hand-shaped design which aids in separating the curls and getting close to the scalp more efficiently. Unlike its wide, rounded counterparts, the DevFuser’s sleek design allows the attachment to dry the hair from the roots to the ends as opposed to focusing primarily on the ends. 

According to reviews, this diffuser achieves a decent amount of volume in addition to encouraging curls to pop. However, if you use this diffuser with a dryer that very hot, it will melt. Since it is designed to be used with low-heat, it’d be best to either purchase the DevaBlow blow dryer or use your blow dryer on its lowest setting. 


One important lesson I've learned researching this topic was the fact that you can have a favorite hair dryer and diffuser and they do not have to come from the same brand. As long as they fit, you have a marriage made in hair heaven! 

What's your favorite hair diffuser?



  1. Thanks :). I just bought 1 great diffuser for my dryer hair

  2. Give Karmin a try, works really good! :)

    1. Have to share. Thanks for the head's up!

  3. I’d recommend the Karmin, is amazing! (Y)


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