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Angela Basset Teams up with Aesthetic Specialst To Launch New Skincare Line For Black Women
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This woman slays… Angela Basset gets better with age and the 57 year old is not slowing down in her acting and directing; she’s now collaborating with medical professionals for creating a skincare line for us. 

The American Horror Story actress recently teamed up with her longtime doctor and aesthetic specialist Dr. Barbara Sturm to launch a skincare line for women of color called “Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm.””

The skincare line will launch in July and will focus on skin conditions many black women face like inflammation, pore size, hyperpigmentation and unevenness in skin tone. Purslane, a natural ingredient that targets inflammation, is the main ingredient that Dr. Strum will help the most as it is a big issue with black women.

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Ms. Basset has been using products with Purslane for years (just look at her sksin!) and this natural herb, Dr. Strum tells WWD, “has such powerful properties in every direction. But what I like the most is actually is the youth enzyme, this telomerase activator,” She adds, “The telomerase activates an enzyme to keep those ends of the chromosomes long, which actually works against natural programmed cell death and that’s the key. So not only do we have anti-inflammation and the evening out of skin tone but also a big thing for antiaging.”

This, my lovely Naturals sounds like a really good thing! 

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