How to Fix a Permanent Hair Dye Disaster

How to Fix a Permanent Hair Dye Disaster

So, you’ve done it. You went against the grain and bought that fire engine red hair color in an attempt to channel your 2012 Rihanna, or maybe you went for that Beyoncé Blonde. You applied your color and rinsed it out only to find that you have some patches that are lighter than others and that you missed your roots in multiple, NOTICEABLE places. 


Either that, or your color came out lighter or darker than you expected and you hate the way it looks against your complexion. Whatever the case may be, you look a hot heated mess and need a solution, FAST. Luckily enough, you’re not the first and there are many different solutions when it comes to fixing a permanent hair dye disaster…

Get Professional Help
If your dye job came out horribly, it may be because you don’t know what you’re doing. (Sorry). In order to properly fix your horrible dye situation, you may need to get it professionally fixed. There are actual professional color experts who specialize in color correction. 

When you’re dealing with a permanent dye job, you have to visit the specialist regularly for color removal. Since the color should not be removed all at once, it may take up to 5 visits before the color is lifted and then a new color can be reapplied. 

Dye a Darker Shade
Depending on the color you’ve chosen, you may be able to dye the hair a darker color. Before choosing your color, however, you will want to call the color manufacturer and ask which color would work best to compliment your current dye job in order to not wind up with a muddy or green-tinged color. Also, wait the time the manufacturer states before coloring again. You do not want to over-process your hair and have it falling out in clumps. 

Cut Your Hair
Not the most ideal solution but If you’re not opposed to rocking it short for a little while, you could cut your hair instead of worrying about growing it out or having the color lifted. This could be a great change, although it wasn’t the change you were expecting to have.


Hit Up a Beauty School
Some cosmetology schools are open to taking clients and working with someone who’s had a horrible dye job since it makes for a great learning experience for the students. Call around to your local beauty schools to see if any instructors are willing to take on the task.

While these are only a few ways you could help fix your horrendous coloring situation, it is always best to seek professional help when it comes to chemical treatments. Consult with the manufacturer in order to understand what your best color correcting choices are.

What did you do when you have a horrible dye job?

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