3 Simple Hairstyles For The Style-Challenged Natural

3 Simple Hairstyles For The Style-Challenged Natural

Not everyone is style savvy. I know I’m not. It is no secret I am the wash and go queen, but that is not just for convenience. I fail at so many styles that I just stay in my lane with the WnG. This does not need to be your fate as there are excellent options and room to grow. 


If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to do certain styles you can do, then these three-easy/ less than 10 minutes /get you out the door faster than a lightning bolt options are perfect. I’ve even got pics and videos for you lovelies! 


Ain’t nothing wrong with a puff. A puff is so quick and simple to do. It looks elegant and chic at the same time. All you have to do is pull your hair back with a string/headband/shoelace/satin scarf (after moisturizing your hair, of course) and tie it. Then fluff out your puff to your desired preference. That’s it, and you’re out the door looking fabulous. 

Here’s a video on how to rock a full and fab puff on short hair as many often feel short hair is limited. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

How to do a Ponytail Puff on Short Type 4 Natural Hair!!!


Buns are such as easy simple style yet it looks classy. Lazy days are bun days. If you’re having a hard time doing a braid-out or twist out just pull your hair up into a puff and tie it. But don’t fluff it out and leave. Roll the part that’s out into a donut bun with your hands or the donut bun that you can buy or make yourself. Secure it place with a scrunchie or bobby pins or the bun itself. And voila, took you less than 5 minutes to look classy.


Buns can be created on short or long hair and here’s a video how to work with some Marley hair and have a gorgeous bun on short hair.  

HIGH BUN | Top Knot Tutorial on Short Natural Hair


Lastly, CROWN BRAIDS will have you slaying for the Goddesses of natural hair. This style may seem difficult or look hard but if you can braid (flat twist or french braid) you can create this style. Now, this needs to be created on medium to long length hair and this is a great protective style too. 

Crown braids are an elegant yet sophisticated look. All you have to do it part your hair into two. Braid/Cornrow/Flat twist your hair down around the edges of the both sides. Then bobby pins the extra away to hide them. And there you go, looking sophisticated. You can place a head band if you want and leave out you curly sideburns to look flirty.

Effortless Crown Braid for Natural Hair

Hope this article helped for your lazy days or if you’re trying a style and just absolutely not getting it or if you have hard time doing your natural hair. Don’t forget to moisturize your hair before doing these styles to lower breakage. 

Enjoy and share the pics! 


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