Kim Coles,”Black Girl Hair Is Magic Because…”

Kim Coles, "Hair Tales"
Michaela Angela Davis, “Hair Tales”,  ‪#‎KimsTale

I love Kim Coles and I love her hair. She’s alive, vibrant, funny, beautiful and truthful. When asked about Black girl hair being magic she had this to say, “It’s so different and beautiful and fluffy. It’s lovely to my hands, it’s lovely to my eyes.” 


Kim along with Amanda Seales are the newest women to share their thoughts in the video series, Hair Tales, created by writer and cultural critic Michaela Angela Davis.  The series highlights black women’s personal stories about their hair. All of us will relate to someone and while some stories are bad, there are some many others that speak a real beauty and goodness of one’s truth. Our hair is a loveliness only a black woman can understand.  

Take a look and tell me what you think.  


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