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5 Tips for Getting Your Natural Hair Ready for Spring

5 Tips for Getting Your Natural Hair Ready for Spring


Beautiful weather, singing birds, the flowers are in full bloom and this is the perfect time to let our hair down. The dryness is leaving replacing it with moisture (and allergies running amok) and pretty soon the weather is going to be warm and almost perfect. 

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Before all of that we need to do a few things in order to get our tresses in perfect shape for proms, festivals, graduations, and vacations.

Here are a few tips that will help you get ready for everything:

Snip, Snap – Honey, it’s time to get a trim. You can get a trim for spring because you’ll be letting out your hair (if stuck in a protective style all winter) and you don’t want jagged edges when you do a wash go or braid/twist out – you want slayed hair. 

Plus, it’s time to get rid of those split ends and single strand knots that you’ve been holding unto and trying to revive with products that says they’ll remove them (which they won’t). Time to make an appointment with a hair stylist or do it yourself on wash day.

Protein Treatment – why not do a protein treatment? Our hair needs moisture as well as protein. So do a protein just to strengthen our tresses after the harsh winter season on our hair follicles. The protein treatment will help revive your damage hair strands and strengthen any damaged hair cuticles. Also, just to give our hair some extra TLC and get it back on track for another season.

My favorite protein treatment: Aubrey Organics GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner

Switch Up Your Products – Because the season has changed it’s time to switch up our products. We need to step back from the winter hair products such as heavy creams and butters and winter hair routine such as buns which kept our ends tucked away through the harsh cold weather. 

It’s time to get back to light moisturizers with glycerin or purchase your own glycerin at any beauty supply store and do a DIY with water.  In addition, use light oils such as almond/coconut/jojoba oil to seal in the moisture rather than thick oils such as castor oil.

My favorite light oil: Jojoba Oil

Styling – The increased moisture in the atmosphere makes some styles difficult to maintain. Since the weather will be come really humid and our hair will be prone to frizz; we can minimize it with Eco-styler gel when doing a braid/twist outs and/or wash and gos. 

You may also be coaxed into wearing a protective styles such as mini twists or braids or Havana/Marley twists. You can enjoy your hair out on some days and protect your hair on other days as a way to retain length. (If trying braids remember to let hair rest in between applications!)

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Let Your Hair Flow – It’s spring and the weather will be turning amazing! Time to stat thinking about Spring Break and the going somewhere super hot.  Let your hair down and let it flow in the wind. After weeks of keeping your hair protected from the harsh cold weather during the winter, it’s time to let your tresses out and breathe.

Although spring is here, it’s not time to slack off on hair care. You still need to care for your hair even though the air is more humid and and the snow is melting (or will soon be melting – we had snow here last night). Just have fun and enjoy the new season while getting your hair in shape for spring. 

What are your tips for getting hair ready for spring?

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