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5 Easy Ways to Temporarily Color Your Hair

5 Easy Ways to Temporarily Color Your Hair

Spring is the perfect time to add some spice to your look and trying color for something new is fun, fresh and fabulous. Many Naturals steer clear from chemicals now that they rock Au naturel tresses so trying temporary hair coloring products are more popular than ever. 

Check out these inexpensive, simple and temporary coloring techniques that are going to have you recreating your look and style without harming your natural coils, curls and kinks.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye - Lasts between 4-12 washes
One of the more popular ways to color hair now, this type of temporary hair dye is more like a stain than a dye as it has no ammonia. Popular brands are Manic Panic and Beyond The Zone are popular lines that are super cheap and easy to use.  While it lasts a long time, the color will fade unless your hair was bleached prior to coloring and the color will last considerably longer. 

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Colored Hairspray -  Last between 2-4 washes
Colored hairspray is hairspray with color and while simple it can be messy and advise to use outdoors when applying. It can also leave a permanent stain in some cases usually from bleaching prior to usage. Beyond The Zone, Jerome Russel are popular brands for these types of temporary color. 

Hair Chalk - Lasts between 1-3 washes
Hair chalk really hit big a few years ago as a viable and fun way to color your tresses in a huge variety of colors quickly. Easy to use without the commitment but somewhat messy to work with.  Color sticks better to wet hair and make sure to allow hair to dry fully (air drying is best) and seal with hair spray. Again, bleached hair will take longer to remove the chalk. Sounds crazy but there is even liquid hair chalk and you apply using a sponge. 

Hair Mascara - Lasts between 1-2 washes 
Easy to use and with the same concept as mascara for your lashes, hair mascara has a wand for you to directly apply the color to your tresses. Layering it on will make the color brighter and bolder. Lots of neon colors and it does last fairly well on the hair.
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Eyeshadow - Lasts 1-3 washes
Cream eyeshadow is a quick and bold way to add some color without even leaving home first to get it. Most of us already have some and it is a great way to get some serious pop of color especially on darker strands. Lasts longer than chalk, eyeshadow is great to try some vibrant colors. Works better on dry hair. 
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Have you tried any of these? How did it go?


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