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What to do if you hate drinking water

What to do if you hate drinking water

I love water. I may not drink as much as I should but I've always found it to quench my thirst better than anything else.  Despite my natural love of it I know there are many out there who cannot STAND to drink it and get tired of hearing from experts that they need to.

Water is great for weight loss, helps to maintain the balance of body fluids and keeps our skin and hair looking good.  We can go on and on about the benefits of it but if you don't like it then you don't LIKE it.  We all know it's good for us but what we need to do is find ways to get it in our bodies when we don't want it!

Here are a few tips you can try to get it in.

Drink flavored water
Yes, you can add a lemon or an orange or even a few berries to the mix for at twist on the taste. Worried about calories?  Well, then you can add no-calorie drop-ins that add flavor without adding extra weight.  

Try drinking water at different temperatures
Yes, this may seem silly but altering the temperature may make that glass more appealing.  My sister can drink water at room temperature and prefers it that way.  I need ice or at least it needs to be cool.  At least give this tip a try.

Eating your water
Eating fruits and vegetables with high water content counts to those ounces you are trying to get.  Your food provides about 20% of your daily hydration. Watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and similar fruits and vegetables generally contain approximately 90% water weight. Strive to eat at least two servings of juicy fruits and vegetables at each meal and you will get that water in as well as vitamins and minerals. 

Coffee and tea
If you can tolerate either without sugar than this is a viable alternative to water. Adding an artificial sweetener may help but remember they contain caffeine and they are natural diuretics which will make you use the bathroom more.  You may have to offset this by drinking more fluids if you tend to drink a lot of caffeinated drinks but there are decaffeinated alternatives as well.

Water is too important not to get in so trying one or more of these tips may help you.  You can also keep a water bottle with you and sip on it as the day goes by and before you know it you may have gotten more in than you normally do.  The purpose is to increase your hydration and however you go about doing it is better than not drinking it at all.

Staying hydrated Naturals,

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