Soft Voluminous Curls For Holiday Parties

Soft Voluminous Curls For Holiday Parties
Photo courtesy of SmartistaBeauty

Curly styles always look amazing during fall and winter with the holiday parties, family gatherings and night outs for fun.  Naturals can enjoy their own textured tendrils or opt for more uniform or looser curls for voluminous styles that take notice and keep all eyes on them.  

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I have a confession to make…I LOVE the look of wand curls. I have yet to rock them myself but love them on everyone.  SmartistaBeauty shares how she does it using NuMe and their amazing wands with gloves and heat protectant. 

In thirty minutes she creates a halo of gorgeous, uniform, sexy curls ready for any event (day or night) you have planned.  This is a great style for a quick pick-me-up if your hair has flopped, been smashed or if another style has failed. 

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I wouldn’t advise using on product-build up hair but great for clean or semi-clean hair as you not want to sear or seal product or dirt into your hair with the wand.  

Products used:
NuMe Lustrum – 5 Tourmaline Infused Ceramic Curling Wands
Detangling brush

Love the look, the quickness and those wands seem like a must-have for the variety loving natural. Let me know if you try this brand or style and share below!


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