Saving Money On Hair Products After The Holidays | Making Life Simpler In 2016

Saving Money On Hair Products After The Holidays | Making Life Simpler In 2016

We’re living in penny pinching times (or we should be).  Despite many of us bouncing back from financial uncertainty, we still have a crappy economy, the holidays are sapping our strength and wallets and with all of that we STILL gotta do our hair.

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Yes, we do but as we get ready to shell out even more money for New Years, the nagging desire to save a penny or two will be necessary in the next few months so here are a few tips to aid in cutting back on our hair expenses without cutting back on our hair!

There are two ways to deal with this problem:

Buy cheaper products that don’t work as well


Be smarter with how you use your products

I’ll be taking the second choice and I have a few tips that can allow you to do the same.  No, I’m no Suzy Ormon or Tiffany The Budgetnista Aliche.  I’m just a Natural who is fighting to make the same pay stretch to allow me to care for my family and do the fun things too.  Here are some tips that will allow you to rock sexy hair for less! 

Be Creative

Throw on a cute hat.  Wrap your hair in a beautiful scarf (we’ve all got them around the house) Just like the number above, you will use less product.  If you do that at least one day out of the week, you will see a real difference in how long your stash hangs around. 

Use what you already have.

If you are anything like me, you have product that you’ve tried that just didn’t give you all you hoped.  Now, we’re not talking about stuff that was a serious bad purchase.  I’m talking about almost as good but not quite.  It’s sitting there so why not use it?

Use less (heavy handed Naturals)

I am a heavy handed Natural.  I have to think about how much I am scooping out when applying my product.  If I don’t I’ll be using twice as much. Give it a try.  You may find you really don’t need as much as you apply. 

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I’ve saved so much money by cleansing my face with the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM).  Now I know this is for my face but the same premise applies.  There are so many talented Naturals who have found ingenious ways to make their own hair products.  I’ve got quite a few under the DIY tab on the home page. 

These are just a few ways make your hair dollars stretch.  You won’t end up with a million dollars but you will end up with long term strategies that will aid in getting through tough financial times while STILL looking Naturally Gorgeous. This is also a great time to reevaluate your priorities, money and plans for the future. Make smarter choices and lasting investments in not just the market but in YOURSELF.  

Stay beautiful and purposeful Naturals,



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      You are very welcome.

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