Natural Hair Terms – Scab Hair and The Line of Demarcation

Natural Hair Terms - Scab Hair and The Line of Demarcation

The Natural Hair Movement (NHM) has created some new terms that even I at times am at a loss for what they mean.  From ingredients on the back of bottles to acronyms for techniques, we are being bombarded with words and terms that many may find confusing.  


One of the new projects I’ll be working on in the blog is giving detailed explanations of these terms, ingredients and acronyms to make your life a little bit easier. 

Scab Hair

Natural Hair Terms - Scab Hair and The Line of Demarcation

Scab hair is an unscientific term to describe the newly grown hair after one stops chemically relaxing the hair.  This hair is extremely dry, unruly and many feel it’s merely the lingering chemicals finding it’s way out of the scalp.   

“There is no known research on the phenomenon of ‘scab’ hair. ‘Scab’ hair is a term used by naturals and transitioners to describe the initial hair regrowth after stopping the use of relaxers. Some say the hair is of a different curl pattern or is dry and unruly.” The Natural Haven 

There is no way to get around Scab hair so even doing a BC (Big Chop) is not going to help.  This is something the hair has to go through when going natural but this hair is only temporary.  Your natural texture will begin to grow and the scab hair can be trimmed off with the relaxed ends.  

Having patience is a must when dealing with Scab hair or going natural in general.  Keeping the hair moisturized and being gentle is the best way to deal with scab hair and limit breakage. 

The Line of Demarcation

Natural Hair Terms - Scab Hair and The Line of Demarcation

The Line of Demarcation is the hair or the point of hair that separates the two textures.  This hair is weak.  Because of it’s fragile nature being gentle is a must and using the correct tools will lower your breakage.  Using wide tooth combs, Denman brushes or your fingers when manipulating the hair is best. 


Also, low manipulated styles are recommended.  This hair is the reason many decide on doing a BC as working with two textures can be difficult but it CAN be done.  

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by Sabrina R Perkins at Mode


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  1. Amber Patrice
    February 20, 2014 / 9:20 am

    I just heard the term "scab hair" about 2 weeks ago and I've been confused ever since! This was super helpful! Great post!


  2. February 20, 2014 / 6:32 pm

    I had no scab hair. A friend who had went natural before me had me all scared that it was going to be this horrible hair growing out, but I guess I was lucky enough to avoid it. Perhaps whatever relaxers I was using didn't get to damage the hair too much below the scalp.

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