Determining What Your Natural Hair Needs By Learning Your Hair Type

Determining What Your Natural Hair Needs By Learning Your Hair Type

As there are many different
types of skin, there also are different types of hair too. And particular and
different hair type needs unique and special treatment too. So, today you will
be presented with the most common hair types and some tips that might help you
deal with it too. Who knows, maybe you used an entirely different type of hair
products you don’t even need and even harmed your hair? So without any further
ado, let’s get to these hair types right away and let’s learn how you can treat
your hair now!

OK, so many
specialists agree that there are o
nly three types of hair: dry, normal, and

To determine if your hair
is dry,
you should take a better look at your skin! Usually, girls who have dry skin
naturally have dry hair too. This is a result of the insufficient production of sebum by the glands on your scalp that makes your hair have split ends,
excessive hair loss, and breakage.

If you want to help your
hair and make it perfectly balanced, you need to look for hair products that
will nourish and hydrate your hair. Also, always use conditioner, but try to
avoid washing your hair daily. It does not make your hair get more water, but
dries it even more, since you are going to use hair dryers and so on. Also, try
to use as less iron curling or strengthener too. Furthermore, an avocado mask
left for 30 minutes once in the week can help you deal with such hair too.

Determining What Your Natural Hair Needs By Learning Your Hair Type

Girls with normal hair are
the luckiest one for sure. They don’t need to do much of the work and they only
need to maintain the healthy balance. Don’t know if you have such hair? Well,
if you barely have any dandruff, and your hair loss can be called as minimal –
then you have this standard type of hair. Congrats!

But you still need to work
with such hair too. Choose shampoos that are sulfate free to keep them light
and healthy. Also, keep eating various salads that are said to be pretty
healthy for your hair. And don’t forget to use conditioner frequently to make
your hair hydrated and even happier than they are today. That is it! 

Finally, oily hair type
is one of the easiest types to determine, and one of the most common ones too.
If you can say that your hair looks dull and lifeless all the time, your hair
gets limply only after a day or two after shampooing it, and you have pretty
much dandruff and big hair loss – then you have oily hair and need to treat it

Better shampoo your hair
frequently to absorb and remove extra oils from your scalp. Also, try to avoid
touching your hair as much as possible, since there are a lot of oils on your
hands that you can transfer on your hair simply like that. Moreover, better
stick with cool or room temperature water for hair wash. Hot water stimulates
more oil production, and you don‘t want that! Overall, special hair products
for oily hair will help you keep good balance and enjoy a clean and fresh look.

Determining What Your Natural Hair Needs By Learning Your Hair Type

For the end, I would like
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