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4 Hair Hacks To Nurture Your Curls While At Home

4 Hair Hacks To Nurture Your Curls While At Home

When at home for an extended amount of time we tend to let go of our daily work or school routine.  We all do it and actually our bodies need the down time to regroup and reboot our systems.  We may slack up on our dress and hair and although it is super easy to just throw on some yoga pants and your favorite tee for a few days, you cannot actually just do nothing to your hair for an extended time and expect it to be fresh and ready when you are. 

I am going through that right now as I turn to working at home so I have had to find ways of keeping my hair healthy while not out the door ready. The bottom-line is…do not neglect your hair or you could be asking for tangles, dryness, or unkempt hair to revive and it will be harder after so many days. It is super easy to let go of your daily routine with your hair and even though you do not have to do your Monday-Friday routine, you can do just a few steps that will have your hair ready for work, school or play in no time.
Keep it up!
On days when you are not out and about there is no need for glammed hair. There is also no need for it to be out especially if you are lounging in bed or on the couch.  This is the perfect day to rock your pineapple, high bun, turban, and scarf or braided up style.  What’s even better is if you are lounging then have your satin-pillowcase pillow with you to lie on so you are not whisking away any moisture from your strands.

Use those accessories
You’ve got them so use them!  Enlist the help of those headbands, scarves, turbans, ouchless barrettes and the like that work hard at keeping your hair up and out of the way from your face, clothing and elements.  They are super perfect for popping out to the store or picking up the kids so rock a headband, plop on a satin-lined hat or simply put on a Loc Soc for quick departure and return trips.  They are also super great to rock in the house to keep those strands from finding your face, couch, or significant other as you snuggle together.

Check on it
Now, you may have it up and out of the way or under your scarf but that does not mean it is OK for days on end.  Check on it and make sure the tangles are NOT taking root.  Being a lazy curly girl does not mean being a neglectful one so revitalize if it needs it or change up the quick style into another quick style (like from a pineapple into a fishtail braid or pin and tuck)to break up the monotony and tangles. 

Spritz with favorite concoction
You should have a spray bottle of your favorite concoction to revive your curls, coils and waves anyway (I have distilled water, favorite conditioner, jojoba oil and a few drops of lavender oil) so hit your hair up if not daily then every 2 days to ensure proper hydration and sealed on moisture.  

You may not want to go through the whole re-wetting in the shower especially if this is a lazy day so this is the perfect way to keep your hair pliable and ready when it is time for going back into the real world of school, work or entertaining.

No one says you have to be photo-ready when at home lounging or under the weather but just incorporate a few tips to ensure when you are ready for going back to your routine that your hair will not be a frizz-ball, a mass of tangles or drier than the Sahara. 

Keep those tresses nurtured Naturals,

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