How To Treat A Chemical Scalp Burn

How To Treat A Chemical Scalp Burn

Chemical scalp burns are usually caused by hair products such as dyes, bleaches or relaxers. Minor irritation and redness are common when getting hair processes done, but severe burns deep into the skin are a rare occurrence. However, chemical burns on the scalp can cause hair to break and stop growing in burned areas.

Scar tissue can form. The extent of the burn depends on the amount of chemical used, the amount of time the skin was exposed to the hair chemical and other factors. In this article I will explain a few ways to treat a burn at home, but it is important to note that some burns require professional medical help. It is best to seek the advice of a medical professional who can see and assess your individual burn first.

Soothe your burn in three steps:

REMOVE THE HEAT SOURCE AND RUN THE BURN UNDER COLD WATER FOR AT LEAST 30 SECONDS. For young children, I like to have them sing the alphabet song or another song they love to help them keep the burn under the water and distract them a bit.

RINSE THE BURN WITH WHITE OR APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Dab pure white or apple cider vinegar over the affected area.

APPLY A BURN CREAM OR OTHER HEALING SALVE. This can be rubbed in if the burn is very minor or if the burn is very sensitive, dabbed on thickly, then loosely dressed with gauze, a towel, or a t-shirt.

Vinegar on a burn sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Well, weak acetic acid in vinegar balances the damaged skin’s pH, which accelerates healing and skin regeneration, thereby also reducing scar tissue. There is actually also a patent filed stating that the mixture of any citrus juice and salt has been shown to “stop pain on contact, prevent blistering, cause the tissue to remain elastic, promote healing and prevent infection.”

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Steer clear of those burns Naturals,


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