Get The Look | Natural Halloween Queen

Get The Look | Natural Halloween Queen

It’s Halloween season or as my sister puts it…”It’s time to become whoever you want!” I personally do not get all dolled up but there are plenty of folks who do and with Halloween on a Saturday, I know there will be plenty who are scrambling for the perfect look to go out and have wicked fun!

You may have the outfit but do you have the look for your face? I know I may not dress up but I am loving this makeup as it is simple, glamorous and fun.  It is also something I can replicate or have someone do it for me.
 I love SunKissAlba’s videos and even though this is a sponsored post, these are lines and products she personally loves and uses regularly.

Products she used:
Aura Cacia Organic Argan Oil
Pacific Rose Gold Primer Serum
Alba Botanica Fast Fix for puffy eyes

Shea Moisture Concealer | Tropea Almond
Shea Moisture Eyeshadow | Claudia
Shea Moisture Eyeshadow | Cecilia
Pacifica Mystical Eye Shadow Palette
Eylure Definition Eyelashes No. 126
Pacifica Stellar Glaze Mascara
Jewel Face Studs (similar)

Many if not all of these items she used can be substituted for something you already have or something similar you can find.  The look is flawless and perfect for Halloween or just a ultra-special engagement that want to look especially elegant for.  I will try and find another just as fabulous look to bring next week for Halloween makeup and hair!

Take care Naturals


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