Thursday, October 1, 2015

5 Fashionable Fall Coats & Blazers

5 Fashionable Fall Coats & Blazers

Fall is here, have you gotten your jackets, coats and blazers yet? There's nothing better than getting all dressed up and putting on that perfect jacket, coat or blazer to take you to the next level. I love coats and I've picked out five of my favorites to share with you guys. 

5 Fashionable Fall Coats & Blazers

I love this coat called Ms. Pope from Dakota Houston, It's really classy and cute. One cannot help but channel Olivia Pope with this piece!  I love the colors and I would wear this when I'm trying to be sexy with my skinny jeans a cute top and some beige heels. Add a few gold accessories and a black or gold clutch. 

5 Fashionable Fall Coats & Blazers

This coat is great for people that live where it snows like me. I love how it's a winter coat but still stylish, the coat was made to fit your figure but still keep you warm. Ali Express is good for people on a budget, they make cute affordable coats and I would recommend this site to any women that doesn't have much but still want to look classy. 

5 Fashionable Fall Coats & Blazers

This 1 Madison Expedition Rabbit-Fur Draped Vest is out of my price range ($400) but I still love it and for those of you who can afford it I'm jealous. This vest would take any outfit to the next level. I would throw on some white pants, a white turtle neck and this over it. The vest is a statement in itself so you wouldn't need much, in this case less would be more. 

5 Fashionable Fall Coats & Blazers

This sexy blazer, TCEC Chiffon Blazer, is classy in the front and edgy in the back. I would throw this blazer on with almost anything. You can rock this in the summer with some shorts and a tank top or bring it to the fall with a jumpsuit or a cute pair of jeans with a plain shirt. 

5 Fashionable Fall Coats & Blazers

Venus.com is where you go when you want to look sexy with class and the coats are no exception.  I love the way this Double Breasted long coat flows and I could make this my everyday wear. This is the  jacket you wear to the office when you're trying to get your crushes attention and it's affordable. 

It is time to find those sexy coats and blazers that will look amazing whether you are headed to work or a fun holiday party.  Check out our list and tell us your favorite.  


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