10 Easy Fall / Winter Hairstyles for Curly Hair

10 Easy Fall / Winter Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Yes, it’s that time again Naturals!!  Time to protect those ends (actually all our hair) from the cooling temperatures that will soon creep upon us.  As we speak I’m enjoying still warmer than usual weather but we are fully into October, we need to be making “PROTECTION” our word of the month!

As protection being our word for October, it is time to do just that…protect!  So as you moisturize, faithfully apply protein treatments and condition your little butt off there is a need to enlist hairstyles that will not compromise all your hard work. Luhhsettyxo brings us 10 simple, cute, sexy and functional looks that take little to no time and will not put a ton of stress on your curls and coils.

Products Used:
DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel
VOGUE Beanie
Ouchless Ponytail Holders

Now, these are all non-heat related styles but I promise you I will share some straight styles as well.  Just a few accessories, your fingers and some Ouchless Ponytail Holders and you will have several styles to rock this winter for every occasion.

Take care Naturals,


VOGUE Beanie


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