Friday, September 18, 2015

The Day I Became a D.I.Y. Naturalista

The Day I Became a D.I.Y. Naturalista

Over a year ago I was laid off from a position at the bank, shortly after I started my naturalista journey. So not only was I hit with not knowing how I was going to make ends meet, here I began embarking on this new and healthier living natural path and it required a whole lot more time than I was prepared to give.

Prior to the layoff, I thought I was a pretty stingy spender on hair care. I knew that if I was unable to secure employment immediately, I would have to cut my lifestyle down to next to nothing. I am a frugal kind of gal and don’t like to spend money on a lot anyway, but I didn’t realize how cavalier I was when it came to spending on styling products. With funny money and strange change, it was time to reset my focus and mentality on how to handle this mane that required a lot of tender loving 4C care.

Hair products can become quite expensive and it is always a challenge to wait for the well beloved name brands to go on sale, but I had to find an alternative…quick! So I decided why become frustrated with not being able to splurge on hair care products when I could make my own. But before I went all in, I did A LOT of research. 

To play it safe, I started using products that I had already purchased like Bonner’s Soap and added ingredients like honey and almond milk, but then I got addicted and decided that if I was going to play the mad scientist, I might as well take it to the next level. So I started making my own soap. And sistah gurl, it worked! After that I had the courage to launch out into the D.I.Y. deep. I made my own shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hair cream, and good ole fashion hot oil treatment.

At first it was very intimidating but if you know how to read directions, measure, and cook you will be well on your way.

For anyone who wants to take a stab at it, below are some basic ingredients to experiment with. Be sure to find a lye calculator and scale so you can have the correct measurements. If you want a longer shelf life, add a preservative. Remember, ACCURACY is the name of the game.

Shampoo: Water, potassium hydroxide, borax, favorite carrier oils, and favorite essential oils.

Conditioner: Water, emulsifying wax, Cetearyl alcohol, favorite carrier oils, favorite essential oils. Silk is optional.

Cream: Water, favorite carrier oils, favorite essential oils, beeswax, emulsifying wax, and Cetearyl alcohol.

Flaxseed gel: Flaxseed, water, favorite essential oil, and favorite carrier oils.

Tools for the trade:
Lye calculator:  This link also has a section where you can add the amounts for your favorite oils.

Stainless steel bowls and pots (you can also use a crockpot)

Protective eye gear, gloves (for making your own shampoo), and plenty of PATIENCE!

The Coiffed Natural


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