Do You NEED To Do Cholesterol Treatments If You Are Natural?

Do You NEED To Do Cholesterol Treatments If You Are Natural?

How often should you do a cholesterol treatment? I mixed Queen Helene Cholesterol with jojoba oil last weekend and after I applied it, I put on a plastic cap and sat under a hooded dryer for 30 min. After I rinsed, my curls were very defined and my hair was super soft. I was wondering if I can apply a treatment every week or should I do it less? My hair isn’t damaged at all because I only wear protective styles and every weekend I deep condition so I guess the cholesterol is another deep conditioning but it is the first time overdone one since becoming natural last May.

You should use a cholesterol treatment as often as your hair needs it. How often you use a cholesterol treatment depends on your styling preferences, whether you color treated, and the ingredients in your cholesterol treatment. Cholesterol conditioners are rich in lipids or fats and are designed to repair and rehydrate your strands. There are three types of lipids found in the hair’s cuticle: ceramides, cholesterol, and 18 MEA. These lipids help the cuticle to lay flat by keep the hair cuticle in place. When the hair is damaged by chemical treatments, heat styling, or over-manipulation, the hair lipids are removed, causing the hair to become dull, dry, brittle, and lacking shine or luster.

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Cholesterol treatments repair this damage temporarily by coating the hair with the lipids and transferring some of those fats and minimal proteins into the hair shaft to strengthen it. 

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