7 Questions To Ask Before DIYing Your Haircare

7 Questions To Ask Before DIYing Your Haircare

How do I keep my DIY sanitary?
Always wash your hands, wear protective gear, gloves, hair net, shoes and eye protection. Nothing should be exposed. This reduces the likelihood that your products will be compromised or contaminated. Be sure to protect yourself by always wear closed toe shoes and minimize exposed skin.

Sanitize you work area, utensils, measuring items, tools, bowls, etc… Be sure everything is sanitized.

Never cross contaminate. Any tools, pots and other items used should only be for creating your products. Do not use anything for food and beauty products. No bueno.

What containers should I use?
(BEST OPTION) GLASS: Will always be your best choice. It does not absorb ingredients or hold odors after being properly cleansed.

PLASTIC CONTAINERS should be safe for the intended use.

(WORST OPTION) METALS: When metals are used it is best to use a high quality steel (stainless preferably). Some metals react negatively with oils, such as essential oils, this is not an ideal option for many things.

Can I use wooden & plastic utensils?
Many people cook with wooden items and feel it should be alright to use them for your products. However, wood absorbs liquid, oils, fragrances and other things. Using wooden utensils and bowls is not an option. They are too porous and that makes it very hard to clean properly. Plastic and rubber on the other hand are composed of chemicals, eliminating them as an option for most.

It is best to use silicone or stainless steel rather than wood or plastic.

You can find the last four questions over at Naturallycurly.com


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