What is Style? | Rompers Make Waves Summer & Fall 2015

What is Style? | Rompers Make Waves Summer & Fall 2015

 “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

                  ~Rachel Zoe

Style and Fashion can sometimes be considered one in the same but i believe they are two different things. Fashion is what’s popular at this moment in time and is forever changing. 

you know in fashion, one day you’re in.
the next day, you’re out”

                         ~Heidi Klum

Like right now Romper are in and owning a Romper means you’re hip to the latest fashion, but style…well style is what you do to that Romper. You can put twenty women in the same room and make them all wear a Romper but the one with the most style will make her Romper stand out. 

Style can’t be taught either, it’s like a talent. Everyone can’t play basketball and everyone can’t dress. I’m not trying to talk about anyone but style is something you have to be born with and some people are gifted enough to create it. Some people can look at an outfit on a manikin and visualize the whole outfit from the shoes to the hair style while others need help with everything, I like to consider myself as one of the Fashionista’s of the world who loves to play dress up. My style is different, I like a more sexy and sophisticated look but I also like to dress crazy and fun. I always it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. 

Take Rompers for instance, they can be worn as day or night wear it just depends on how you wear it. You can rock one in the day time with some flats, stud earrings and your hair pulled up for the day wear then sexy it up a little a night with some heels, hoops and letting your hair down. Changing a few things on an outfit can make all the difference like shoes, shoes can make or break an outfit if you ask me. 

Rompers are still very popular, comfortable, sexy, and perfect going into fall. No need to ditch them as well enter Labor Day and even this white number below is too hot to put away just yet!

I’ve rocked a pink coat as a dress before with the right pair of shoes and accessories and people couldn’t tell the difference and I’ve done the same thing to a shirt. Confidence is also a key component when rocking any outfit, if you feel like you look good in it and walk like you have all the confidence in the world it would reflect on you’re style and make people notice you. 

Style and Fashion are similar but the key difference in style is the uniqueness the individual putting on the clothes brings to some else’s vision.  Find your style, sport your romper and tune into your sexiness well into fall. 

       “Style is the way you express yourself through

                    ~Keyanna Ford



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