Thursday, August 27, 2015

We’ve Come a Long Way Naturalistas!

We’ve Come a Long Way Naturalistas!

In the 1970’s the Afro became a symbol of power and culture unique for Black Americans. Fast forward ten years later we segued into Soul Glo, Jerri Curls, texturizers and permanent processing which redefined our sense of style and uniqueness. Some will argue those who chemically altered their hair were sell outs while others will hold steadfast to the ease of managing the Motherland mane. Regardless of the side, our hair culture was changed forever.

Then something wonderful happened. Women all across the world decided that it was time to return back to the uniqueness that is inherently theirs. By ditching the creamy crack, beauty sales experienced a major decline in relaxer sales, which caused the black hair care industry to awake out of the creamy crack stupor and take heed to the natural hair call. Products that were commercially manufactured for permanently altered hair were taking a back seat to the new, and in some cases, improved product lines that were designed to cater to our wonderful kinky coils.

But then something else happened. The industry recognized that not only was it good enough to showcase these products on the shelf, they had to have commercials advertising their goods that target our niche. And let’s take it a step further. Companies who specialize in producing styling products for textured hair have even taken it to radio!

Naturalistas, we have come a long way!

As excited as I am about this explosion and overdue acknowledgement of our beauty, I say it is not enough. These commercials advertise women and little girls with textured hair but they are fair skinned. We still have some work to do. Black women come in all different shapes, sizes and skin tones and yes, all of it is marvelous. I hope to see more of our diversity displayed upon billboards and in television commercials. Wouldn’t it be great to see black owned hair supply stores with a face that looks like yours and mine? Of course it would be.

We cannot afford to sit on our kinky, coiled laurels and hope that the cosmetic and social media world would do us a favor. We have to be aggressive and pro-active. You know what I am saying is not new, but I hope that as we see, experience, appreciate, and continue to promote the benefit of having people who look like us become the norm and not the rule of exception.

Let’s keep on pressing toward bigger and better things in the natural hair community!

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