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Fluffy 4C Twist Out With Hair Extensions

4C Twist Out with hair extensions is a lovely hairstyle to rock this fall and well into winter. Check out this super simple technique.
Photo courtesy of Pure Estrogen

Nothing prettier than a 4C twist out and we just had to share one!  They are easy to create and even easier and fuller if you want to try using extensions.  Natural hair extensions are becoming increasing popular and for good reason. Not everyone wants straight extensions anymore.  We want variety and whether you are rocking a TWA or hair to your tailbone, extension can be fun, easy and a great way to add color or length to your hair.

 8 Precious Pearls of 4C Natural Hair Wisdom

HerGivenHair is a brand new natural hair extension line the lovely Pure Estrogen had the opportunity to test.  She was mostly rocking an Afro with the extensions but wanted to changed things up a bit.  I’m glad she did because she is allowing us to see the versatility with natural hair 4C extensions.

Yes, it is a sew-in that she installed herself!  I love that fact she uses regular hair products that she would use on her own hair to cleanse, condition and create!  Check out just how easy it was for her to turn her Afro into a fluffy 4C twist out lovely enough for a night out or everyday rocking.

Here is her step by step process:

1. (00:18) Create large sections, moisturize with Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk, and finger detangle.
2. (00:39) Two-strand twist hair by twirling one strand around one finger and overlapping the second.
3. (01:15) Allow twists to dry overnight, remove and separate them to create the “fluff.”
4. (01:36) Create a side twist on the right side of your head and pin it in the back using a bobby pin.
5. (02:01) Create a side bang on the other side and pin it down with a bobby pin.

That’s all there is, loves. It’s a simple hairstyle for your natural hair or extensions. One day, I will do a flat twist out on my own 4c hair. Thanks so much for watching, send in your requests and ask questions if you have any. xo

Anyone wants to take the plunge on a 4C twist out with hair extensions? Share below if you have!

Take care Naturals,





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