How To Make Your Deep Conditioner Work Better

How To Make Your Deep Conditioner Work Better

Deep conditioning is a vital component of healthy hair. Straight-haired women may be able to get away with omitting this step, but we curlies know it is equally as important as cleansing. Curly hair is fragile because it is susceptible to being dry, so imparting moisture is essential. Conditioner is only half the story when it comes to properly conditioning our hair. Don’t forget about the products. They are essential, but how they are used can affect how you moisturize your curls.

What is deep conditioning?
Deep conditioning is the act of conditioning one’s hair on a deeper level with longer-lasting effects than just using a daily conditioner that conditions the hair on a superficial level. Deep conditioning actually penetrates the hair, nourishing the cuticle layer and penetrating to the cortex. However, as curly girls we know how important conditioning is, so most of us deep condition after every wash.

6 tools to make deep conditioning work better:
If you are ready to take the next step in Deep conditioning, here are popular tools that women love for at-home salon quality treatment.

Hot Head Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap, $24
This microwavable deep conditioning cap was created by a professional hairstylist. Handmade and created to enhance deep conditioners, it is filled with flaxseeds, which generate heat when warmed in for a minute in the microwave. This cap will produce up to 30-45 min. of gentle steam. 

Hair Therapy Wrap, $29
A popular deep treatment enhancer, this fast and easy system uses gel packs to help it stay warm for up to 20 min. after heating up for 45 sec. in the microwave. Placed over hair and a shower cap, this portable heat cap does not use wires or require electricity. 

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